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the Daily Thread Thursday Nov 9

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Good morning fellow cat lovers!

Nice day here today, warmer than usual. But I'm sure we'll be paying for it later...

Not much going on here, just work work work.

How about this holiday? I do like neon signs, they are pretty cool.

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Oh hey!, the company i work for is a sign company and we make neon signs

It's a lovely sunny day here but starting to get very chilly!. I'm off to get my 5 weekly trim at the hairdressers tonight. The salon is where i used to live so by the time i get out and get home it'll probably be nearly 8.p.m

Note to self: Change salon after the next appointment in december.
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~is unimpressed that the phone is already ringining~

Just work today, the fog has lifted but it doesn't look particularly nice weather-wise
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Got up way to early this morning. Atleast the weather will be nice today.
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Lee is home! Lee is home!!! He landed at 3:40 and got through customs and all of that at about 4:40. The poor thing is sick. But he slept good last night and is looking for work today!
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I have no idea, but I have that viagra good morning song in my head...I lvoe that song, it always lifts my spirits in the morning..!!

Anyhoooo, Um, well its Thursday and thats good...almost big plans today..just going to work and then to the gym..and then home to eat another delicious sandwich..

It should be 15 today and sunny Very exciting!!

OH, and the Raptors beat the Sixers last night, which is AWESOME!!! Way to go my boys!!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Lee is home! Lee is home!!! He landed at 3:40 and got through customs and all of that at about 4:40. The poor thing is sick. But he slept good last night and is looking for work today!
Wooooooooooooooooohoooo!!! You must be beaming
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Day 4 of my cold and I think I am feeling worse.

Anyway, gonna be in the 70s today and tomorrow and then we plummet 20 degrees for the weekend. Oh, joy.

Cough hack cough...
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Hope you feel better soon Jan. Colds are no fun...
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Good Morning Fellow Cat Crazies!!!

Today is BEAUTIFUL and bright! I had a great night last night with hubby.... and the kit cats. We watched the movie Prime with Uma. It was cute.... busy working on our United Way fundraiser here at work. It's next week, I am pretty stressed!

I hope you all have a great day!!!
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Good morning all!

Nothing new here.... its supposed to be in the 50's today (boooo) and then tomorrow it drops down to the 20's (YAY!) with a chance of snow!!

I just saw that we are in a Winter Storm Watch until tomorrow night! YAY!

Brandi - how wonderful that Lee is home!! Thats no good that he's sick, now you can baby him and make him feel all better

Have a great day all!
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Afternoon everyone!!!

It's georgous here! I'm so happy. I have both doors opened and as I type all the cats are on different porches watching the squirrels and birds from various vantage points. It makes me giggle watching them, they chatter at the birds, and stalk the squirrels even though they are on enclosed porches. Goofy monsters!
I'm still not sleeping very well because of my friends death Monday, but it hopefully will get better soon. Coffee is my good friend as of late.

Have to get ready for work. Congrats on a safe trip home for Lee! Sorry he's sick. I'm glad you two are back together.

Have a gret warm day everyone.
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I'm thinking this is the last "warm" day of fall as its sunny mid 50's!!
Finished up emptying my compost bin-got 10 full wheelbarrow!!. Wrapped chicken wire around raspberry plants to protect against evil rabbits and hauled a couple days of firewood to the house. Had a brush pile I started burning but the wind picked up and was real smokey so I doused it.
Snow heading our way too-my parents are to get up to 6" we are getting about half of that!!
Went grocery shopping got lots of good stuff including wine.
Enjoy the rest of the day!!
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This morining I was very bad and skipped my Oral Communication class to stay home and sleep in (I had a really bad migraine). Then when I felt better, Colin made me breakfast and then we went to Goodwill for a bit and then I drug him shoe shopping! He is actually pretty good at helping me find pairs in my size which is always good, because they usually don't carry it as much as other ones (5-5 1/2) I got some really cute ones for work / Then we came home for a bit and had some lunch. I washed some laundry and now i'm waiting for my clothes to dry so i can get ready for work. I start my new job tonight so that should be amusing. Hehe, and Colin set the video tape thing so that I can record Grey's Anatomy and watch it later
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