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Whiskey is soiling new place on his condo

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I have two catboxes now for 3 cats, the doc told me each cat should have it's own box, but two is all I have room for, One I put on the bottom level of they're condo and whiskey soiled it one day when I had it at the toilet emptying it. Now he just soils there all the time. He doesn't go in the litter box hardly at all now that the scent is on the carpet..anyone have any advise for me ? No problem with the other kids. Mike
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Do you mean like a cat condo? If so, I think you would be better off placing their litter boxes away from their living/playing areas.

To get him to stop urinating on the carpet you need to get a really good enzyme cleaner that is made specifically to remove urine.

It can be a real pain when they start having litterbox issues, tough to break bad habits. But it can be done, you just have to retrain them by picking a place the litter box will always be and then placing them in it until they 'get' it.

Good luck getting them back on track! I am sure it will be resolved once you get the urine smell out of the carpet for good.
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can you suggest a product ? Mike
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I use Simple Solution, you have to make sure you saturate the area and even the surrounding area to be sure you got all of it. If they smell even a teeny amount of urine, you wasted your time.
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I love Nature's Miracle! It really works well to remove both stain and odor.

I also agree with Poohandwendy, it's better to keep their litter boxes away from their food/play/living areas. Cats can be finicky and don't usually like to have their litter box near their food area.

Also try using Cat Attract to get him to use the litter box once again. You may have to watch him for a few days. IE, when you see him going around and around that area, in a little circle, sniffing and maybe even scratching at that spot, pick him up and put him in the litter box.

There are also some very helpful sticky threads in this forum that address this problem.

Hang in there
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I used a whole spray can of that dollar store carpet cleaner it seemed to work for a couple of days, then caught him doing it again, so I scolded him (caught in the act) then got the bright Idea to poor a little of my treasured Brandy on the carpet, on the lower level of the condo that is next to the catbox (other side of main support post) and he hasn't done it since, he's back in the catbox....hic ! funny I'm gonna change his name from whiskey, ( named after the beatles tune, and name him Brandyhic!!!!) Thanks everyone, Mike
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