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Tigger - how was your first day back at work?

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Just wanted to see how your first day at the new job went?
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Tigger - I'm sorry I must've missed the fact that you'd found a job. Well done!

Hopefully it will live up to expectations. But I know, sometimes when you're out of work, almost ANY job is a good job - for a while at least.

Go for it!
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Well, I didn't start today. Yesterday, the staffing place called me around 11:00 and asked if I was still interested, and I said yes. So, the girl I spoke with, said she needed to call them back to let them know & get more info. It got to be 4:30 and no call! So, I called them back, and she said now they will probably have me start on Monday due to lack of space and training. I have no problem with that, but I was hoping I could've started today...... Even working 24 hours for the week would've brought in a partial check. Oh well..... atleast if I start Monday, it'll be a full 40 hour week. I'm hoping that the insurance agent calls me back, because that is what I really want! Maybe it's a sign?
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Yeah it's a relax for a little while longer while you can sign! LOL!
I'm happy for you and hope everything works out in your favor!
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I am sure whichever way it goes it's the path you should be on.

I know what you mean though. A very good friend of mine was laid off almost 2 years ago, then after 1 1/2 years of looking she finally found a job. Sure enough 2 months after she got hired she was laid off again. Now she is looking again and considering getting her teaching degree. She was always very good with kids and enjoyed that kind of stuff. All thebest and let us know how thing work out!!!!

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I'm sending up good thoughts that everything works out well with this new job!! Can't wait to hear how Monday goes! keep us posted!
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Hopefully, I will hear from the insurance agent, because that is the one I really want. I've come to realize that I wasted 4 years of my career life at my last job, and I know for a fact that is what has stopped me from getting other jobs. So, I'm hoping he will see past

Thanks, everyone! :tounge2:
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