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Questions about Abby's behavior!

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I have had two cats in my life, this is my first cat of my very own, so I'm not sure what's normal. So, I'm sorry if these are questions you all think are easy - let me tell you, I'm not a cat expert yet! By anyway...

Everytime I'm petting Abby, or leaning towards her, she licks me for minutes until I move my hand - but then she licks me in another spot. Is there any reason to this? Also, we are still in the process of introducing Abby to my dogs, Julie and Blake [We are getting tips from a woman at the local animal rescue movement, where we got Abby!]. Abby loves to reach her paws under the door where she is sometimes and let one of our dogs, Blake, sniff her paws. But when she comes face-to-face with the dogs, you can tell she is more frightened. Is this because when she is in the room she feels like she has more security?

Finally, I feed Abby in the morning before I leave, around 7:00 and usually a little after I get home. Lately, when I get home, she only ate a tiny bit of her meal - and she used to finish it completly, waiting for dinner as I walk in. Am I feeding her too much? I want to make sure she's healthy, so can someone please give me tips? Should I make sure she eats more, or should I not give her as much?

Hope you all can help me! I want to make sure Abby is settled in nicely! [It's been almost 2 weeks since I got her!]

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I don't think there is any particular reason for where and why she licks you. Be happy she does! She obviously loves you!

About the door, I would think that reaching under the door is more play where seeing the dog face to face is a bit more scary for her. This is a good way for them to interact and smell each other. I am sure eventually she will be fine around the dogs.

As for food, it is probably nothing but if you notice a serious drop in appetite or it goes on for a long time where she isn't eating or something continuous and out of the ordinary (if that makes sense) then something may be up. I wouldn't worry yet. What are you feeding her and how much? Are you going by what the bag says to feed for her weight? You may have to experiment with other brands.
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Thanks for all the information! I give her Meow Mix Original Choice. Is that a good brand, because with my other cat, we used the same brand.
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Try various kinds of food, and especially canned - they tend to like it better and she may just not like the kind she has now. I always have a large variety at home because the cats are so changeable anyway, and they usually get both canned and some dry at every meal, and rarely the same canned food twice in a row.
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