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Its Almost A One Year Anniversary

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On November 21, 2005 my beloved FurAngel entered Rainbow Bridge. She was a beautiful kitten who came into my life at the age of three weeks old. She was an orphan kitten who had some medical problems throughout her whole life and I gave her lots of love and comfort before she left this world. Tiny Toot had been ill most of her life, she developed some kind of bacteria virus that I had taken her to the Vet and she was given a shot for it but the Vet told me that she is not healthy like other normal cats because she was an orphan kitten. Tiny Toot had to wear baby diapers most of her life due to her nerve damage around her bottom which her tail was numb as well. Its strange to see a cat wear diapers but she got use to them and I would take care of her just as if she was a real baby. To me she was my daughter thats how I seen her not as a cat and we built a special bond together that I was the only one she loved during her whole life. The day she entered Rainbow Bridge was an emotional time for me, I had began to write a journal on my feelings for her weekly and my thoughts as well, I had did this for almost a year now and it helps me ease the pain of my FurAngel being at the Bridge. From this day I still love her and live in her memories, I barried her beneath the tree in my mother's backyard just four blocks away from where I live. I decorate her grave every holiday so that I can still share holidays with her and I visit her often. I know shes in a better place where she is healthy, has no illness and she happy and at peace but I know one day she will be waiting for me at the end of the bridge with her purrs, meows and wagging tail and we shall be united forever. I miss her dearly I have her photos to remember her and all her toys and nick nacks but when I see diapers I began to cry because its brings back those hard memories of me putting them on her, now she had no need for them at the Bridge. I love you Toots with all my heart & Soul save a place for moma at the Bridge.
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You loved her and she loved you. You were both very lucky to cross paths. Thank you for sharing her with us.
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I am sorry about Tiny-Toots. I know you will keep each other in your hearts. Hugs
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Your beautiful thoughts and special words will float high to the Bridge and Tiny-Toots will know how much she was loved
RIP little one - you are much loved here and you have all your new fur-family over the bridge
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What a little angel Tiny Toots sounds Rest assured you will see your beloved Toots again one day, but she's running and playing over the bridge now and in perfect health

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