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Please Help Puddy!

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Puddy is the sweetest looking cat! She has a big white collar and such a lovely expression. I'm going to e-mail this page to my relatives in Ohio. Perhaps you could do that also. This is such a sad situation. Please help.
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Poor thing! First her person, then her home, now her best friend. I wish I lived closer. I'd give her a home with new friends.
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Hello all...thanks to Kitty and Casper for sharing Puddy's story with The Cat Site!!! We need all the help we can get. Please share Puddy's web page with everyone you know! She is such a sweetheart and really needs a loving home.


Again, thanks so much for prayers and help in finding this furrbaby a furrever home.
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I posted the link to puddys page at a board I go to where I know Ohio residents come. I also e-mailed the person info on a local no kill kitty shelter and gave them info there. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Sending kissies to little puddy!!
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Thank You Kitty & Casper ~This new post you started for Puddy is GREAT~How Incredable that you have reached across the world to help. THANK YOU THANK YOU ! { I love your home Page}
Sorry I am late posting ~I am having more fur emergencies at this time and have been very busy.

This is Eric, the man who is trying to help Rescue Freddy & Puddy here in Akron, Ohio. My Email is Ages@neo.rr.com and my phone is 330- 864-2879. We have 14 cats we care for, and I just can't keep them myself. PLEASE if you know anyone or can link us to other sites.
Our fosters are swamped with the new Cat trap and Kill law they just passed here in Akron Ohio. www.Saveourcats.org We are trying to fight it. ~~Freddy is gone~ If you can Help Puddy PLEASE let me know ~~ { A special thanks to Bari D. without her help I couldn't have done this}


We hope to find a home in Ohio for Puddy
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Puddy is Great ~ Each day she is less shy. I think she misses Freddy her little pal. Without poor Freddy she only has humans to turn to, so she is wanting attention more and more. This sure will help her adapt to a new home. We have a great offer from a very sweet couple in Iowa ~~ They have two cats now ~ one of there sweet Babies is blind. and they want a quite new cat for a companion. I wish I knew how to post a picture of there two snuggled up together. ~ This one is hard because Iowa is a long way from Ohio ~~

My big Gray feral Tom Cat "Seth" is missing from my yard and I am hopeful he has not been trapped by the City of Akron. I am going to there KILL shelter today to see if I can find him. We just can't stop Akron's madness with this new Law.

http://www.saveourcats.org/ I work with Friends of Pets here in Akron .
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What about folks who let their cats run and play outside? They too will be euthanized??? So from now on cats (who were previously inherent OUTDOORS creatures) must now be pent up inside a house the rest of their days?

There should be some type of clause that if the cat has a collar YE DOTH NOT TOUCH!! (Than we can capture our ferals and put colors on them to once they are neutered/spayed).

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Please Help !! where will this happen next??? ~~~Czicat & I signed this ~~ Thanks for looking ~ Eric
{This is happening in Akron Ohio right now !!! http://www.saveourcats.org/ }

Here is the San Pedro Petition

please forward and cross-post. let's get the word out!
--- catherine
--- czicat@earthlink.net

Feral Cat Caretakers' Coalition
In a message dated 8/21/2002 8:24:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
FeralCatCr@aol.com writes:

An update for everyone

Lauren and just returned from a very intense and urgent meeting with key
persons who will be involved in saving the lives of the cats at White
in San Pedro, California.The cats will be trapped by a private
company (not Dept. of Animal Services). ?Refer to
for updates.

Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors has hired them to
and exterminate the cats. ?Mary Kaleta, the person who has been
caring for some 60 cats was notified of this on Monday 8-19-02. ?Mary and
ladies who have been with her for several years feeding the feral cats at
White Point, went to an attorney this a.m. and paid $2,000.00 to see if an

injunction could be obtained to give us some time. ?It is Wednesday
and they are to begin trapping and exterminating on Monday. ?As far as we
know, there are no guidelines on how they exterminate the cats as they are

not under city jurisdiction, such as Department of Animal Services, where
they would be taken to a shelter.

In addition to maintaining and managing her feral cat colony, Mary has
a considerable amount of time and money to build little insulated shelters
blend in with the environment into the large boulders on the beach. ?It
several months of measuring, etc., to provide a safe and warm place for
cats to stay. ?This was authorized and given the go ahead by Dan Knapp.
lifeguard, Kenny Atkins, who has just recently come to this beach, pulled
and destroyed all of the shelters she had worked so hard to put in place.
is also the person who has instigated this entire pogrom. ?We are not
as to what his motives are.

It was heartbreaking to see the cats hiding in the boulders without proper

shelter with winter coming. ?Under the best circumstances, their lives are

meager and they look forward to their food and shelter and the loving care
the caretaker to go there every morning, rain or shine, to put out their
food. ?The beach is mainly rocks and tide pools, not much of a sandy area.
You would hardly know they were there and have been for 20 years in
comparative peace - until now.

If you would like to comment on the petition, you can contact
the author of the petition by email, at:

Mary Kaleta, feralcatadvocates@hotmail.com

"We won't always know whose lives we touched and made better for our having cared, because actions can sometimes have unforeseen ramifications. What's important is that you do care and you act"
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It's really difficult to understand why someone's good work was undone on the beaches. All of it is beyond my understanding. Man's inhumanity! Thank you for all your good work, Eric!
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Akron Ohio
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Puddy Update ~ Sat. 9AM
Sorry to all I have not been posting ~ My new shop opens on September 1st and I have been very busy.

Puddy's home sold Thursday. Irene {the 85 years Aunt} is having seconds thoughts about having Puddy go to Michigan or Iowa. She wants a home in Ohio for her. When it came down to the wire she is getting cold feet. She has becoming very attached to Puddy and I think lonesome herself. I am not happy after all the work we have done to find Puddy a home. BOTH Iowa and Michigan are GREAT forever homes and either one would be wonderful for Puddy. I think Irene is going through allot and I have to be understanding of her thinking. She was worried she would never see Puddy again. Irene is thinking of herself and not Puddy at this point~ but there is only so much I can say. I want to have puddy in the BEST home and I have found TWO!! I am to meet with Irene Monday and will know more then. Puddy has to be out of the home September 23rd. This is frustrating for me and I am working on a solution. Eric
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I wish the very best for Puddy. We'll look forward to hearing from you, Eric.
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willing to specificially DESIGNATE who Puddy will go to in the event of her own passing?? This may make things a little more worth it. Quite frankly, all too often folks leave their pets out of the wills--and who knows when something sudden happens where they end up as we've seen in Puddys case.

Good luck, Eric!


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Eric any news???????
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Yes Helen there is news ~ Sorry I have been behind on posting. Puddy moved in with Irene last week ~ all is well for now, Both are adjusting and seem to be ok. Irene has a Cat for the first time in 85 years ~ Funny thing is, she never had a pet before Puddy. Any Pet ! She learned to love Freddy and Puddy, Sweet when you think, at 85 years old, Irene's heart finally opened up to animals. I never in my dreams, thought Irene would take Puddy ~ in the end. One never knows ............. Eric
PS Irene is leaving Puddy to me in her will...
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That's wonderful news, Eric, and quite touching. How sad that she has denied herself such a great comfort for all of these years! I hope she lives many more healthy years, because she has a lot of joy in store for her.!
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