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Trout maxin and relaxin...

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Well, it is that time of the year that I have my little space heater out...

Trout just loves it...she lays like 1 inch away from it and basks in the heat:

Showin her goods :
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Madonna kitty! "Like a Virgin - WHEW!"
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Awww! look at that cute little belly!
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I just love how they have to get as close as possible to the heat. Their fur has to start singeing before they'll move!
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Awww! She's so sweet! She's rolling over to make sure that all her 2000 parts are warm
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She's so cute...and modest
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I'm in love with the tiny little white patch she has on her belly.
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That's cute! Trout's like a younger, thinner version of Damita! Right down to the white spot on the tummy.
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I was looking at her pics last night....and Louie's eyes were glued to the screen!
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She's adorable
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Oh wow, that pic brought back memories...I had to go and dig through my stuff and find this and scan it. It's a pic of the cat I had in college, Oscar.

For some reason I'm having problems resizing it...

Witness Oscar worshipping the heater god...
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trout looks sooo cute in those pics!!!
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Aww she looks so comfy. I love when they sleep like that.
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