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How do you cope with 'midnight crazies'?

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Stoli and Luxor on 'often' occasions will romp around the house and every bump and ting wakes me up. I work hard to clean up any dishes or things they could break and I'm ok with the running up and down the stairs sounds. . .but any other sound I just can't sleep through.

Do you sleep through the crazies? If so, how!
If you don't, and you keep waking up, how do you go back to sleep?
Stoli and Luxor's midnight crazies seem to happen at about 4am, and I get up about 5:30. Just close enough to make me even more tired if I do fall back to sleep.

I've tried ignoring them, feeding them, picking them up, scolding them, locking them out of my room, putting them in 'their' room, playing with them profusely before bed. . .you name it. I just need to know what YOU do to sleep through it.
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I take two Benadryls before bed.

Mine, thankfully, usually do their freakouts around 10pm - midnight, when I'm usually still awake. Gracie used to wake me up a lot in the middle of the night, and I'd use a spray bottle to get her to shush... until I realized that she liked the spray bottle and was waking me up to be squirted.

She started sleeping through the night when she was about a year and a half old, which just happened to be around the same time I started using an electric blanket. She likes the extra warmth so much that she'll stay in bed until I kick her out now.
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Ear plugs! Worth their weight in gold!
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Spyder usually gets like that either around midnight or about 5 am. Sometimes both! I just ignore him.
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Sleeping pills.
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I have never slept through it...usually she will wake me up around 4 or 5am...and I usually just slam my hand down on the bed to make a noise that will get her attention..then strangley enough, she will jump beside me and go right to sleep until i wake up at 7:30am...
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Bury my head under the covers and stay out of the way.
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I'm so used to it that I actually wake up if they are quiet.
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I know this doesn't help you, but I'm so tickled with my foster kittens that being woken up by their antics is a pleasure. I'll wake up to pounding footsteps or squealing kitties, smile, and go right back to sleep.

I'm sure that'll wear off at some point, and then I'll be asking the same question as you. *laugh*
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My cats sleep through the night!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
My cats sleep through the night!
Mine do, too. They didnt when they were younger, though and just as I got adjusted to many wake ups, they started sleeping through the night.
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I play Bed Mice with Gizmo when she wakes me at 3 AM.
I move my hand around under the duvet, she attacks it (no injuries result; she knows it's a hand) and she rabbit kicks for a while. She will then go back to sleep til I want to get up.
It's a small annoyance, but it makes her happy and doesn't really bother me since I can do it on my back with my eyes closed.

It is more fun to watch her, though.
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I work 3rd shift!

I sleep with the air purifier on. A fan works too. The white noise helps me fall asleep and covers up noises like naughty kittens, fussy bunnies, and telemarketers calling on the phone at all hours of the day.
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I have a noise-maker that plays sounds of running water all night long, since I'm an extremely light sleeper. For the most part Spike and Oz sleep through the night, but usually around 4am Spike will start getting crazy and will start yowling and scratching at the carpet or the mattress. When that happens, he and Oz both get kicked out of the bedroom and the door is closed (I don't like tossing Oz out, but he keeps Spike happy). If Spike starts being really destructive and annoying, he gets shut up in the bathroom, but it's only for about an hour, as both J and I get up quite early.
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Much like you, I've tried just about every trick there is but our cats will still go crazy every night, I now only wake up when there's a screaming play fight (often), someone running into a door or dresser (often), they chase eachother across the bed (and our bodies) (often), or someone's growling to defend their spot in the window or on the bed (every night). Now I just wake up, growl at them in my head, and then go back to sleep. This is what I'm stuck with. Our cats are almost 2 1/2 and somewhere around 5-6 (our stray) and they still do this all night long.
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Oh well, my kitties are allowed out, so when Miss Moofs starts ,usually about 5.45am, I go down stairs and let her out. I think I sleep walk now, just jump back to bed and fall asleep...........
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Either my cats don't have the crazies or I sleep right though it. I normally wake up in the middle of the night to find my cats fast asleep on my bed. They are very active during the day so I guess they get all thier sleep at night.
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I close my door before I go to sleep. I sleep with a fan on, for the white noise.

And I am a sound sleeper!
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I sleep like the dead sometimes I wonder if the cats have tried to wake me up and since they got no response they just gave up I have woken up with a cat laid across my throat and I swear I never felt him get there
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I can usually just say, "Anya! Shhhhh...mommy is trying to sleep," and she calms down enough for me to get another hour or so in. (She usually wakes me up around 6-6:30 and I get up at 7:30)

When that doesn't work and she's doing her new favorite thing, which is pawing and squeaking her soft claws on the wall behind my head , I just wake up and set her outside of the bedroom and close the door. She plays out there until I get up to play with her myself.
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gosh, some of you can sleep through anything! 4:30 am i awoke to dulcit tones of luxor's meow - through my door. . .i'll try some background noise.
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Luxor's still a baby isn't he? I've finally accepted that our girls are going to be crazy for at least another year or so, so just cover everything they damage!

As for the midnight crazies, if they annoy me, I lock them out of the bedroom, and then go back to sleep. I don't know if they just go downstairs and play down there or what, but once the door is closed, I don't hear them again.

I wake up in the morning, open the bedroom door and they're all curled up against the door looking like angels
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When my cat Sunny was young he insisted on our attention at around 4am. He would walk steadily up and down right over our faces. The only way to deal with it was to completely ingore him. Once he saw that one of us was awake, he concentrated his efforts on that person, lol. In the beginning it actually seemed nice and funny, but after a while it was stressful, because we needed our sleep too. And he wouldn't calm down for over an hour or so. We were sure glad when he got older and started sleeping through the night.
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The only thing I don't usually sleep through is when they have a wrestling match on the bed and Cindy decides she's hungry, because she's very persistent until I get up and feed her. Or Swanie will dig on the side of the bed to get me up, that works too.

I actually like hearing them tearing around, though, it tells me they're having fun.
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Yes Luxor is still a baby - most of the crazies seem to be either playing in the sink or on the tv. . .both of which are loud. i don't care if the crazies are just running around like maniacs!
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Originally Posted by keelyg View Post
Ear plugs! Worth their weight in gold!
Best thing you can do, IMO.

After 9 years of 3 cats ripping around the house at night, I'm used to it and they rarely wake me up anymore, unless one of them knocks something over. Besides, Leroy tends to sleep right beside me most of the night so she's not running around. Well, I'm assuming she's with me most of the night as she's there when I fall asleep and in the same spot when I wake, although it could be a conspiracy (waits until I fall asleep to rip around the house and then comes back before I wake up...).
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