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Wednesday DT

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Hey....I am early today!!!!

Well....the update on Steven is that he is still sick. No fever has developed so maybe this time it won't turn into pneumonia. When I left this morning he seemed 'okay'. He is probably due for his pneumonia shot soon. Because he gets pneumonia so often, they decided he needed a yearly shot against it. I'm going to give the Dr. a call shortly.

I do want to update those that are aware of this: the Hypnosis session I attended (for weight control) seems to have been a hit. It'll be a week tomorrow and I have never felt better. I am not the least bit interested in junk food at all (and I was addicted). My cravings are fruits and vegetables. My house is full of 'goodies' that don't even appeal to me. I am completely blown over by how much it seems to have worked. I do have a CD I have to listen to every night. Guess this is all just a mind over matter thing but so far, so good. It may not work for everyone but I do recommend it to anyone who is interested.

It is beautiful outside today! Not too hot, just perfect. Can't believe summer is almost over I am the type that loves heat and sun. Winter weather is not my favorite!

Countdown for my vacation: 26 days *sigh* I can't wait.....

Have a great day everyone! Happy Hump Day at that!
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Hello everyone!

Well, I did good on my speech last night considering that I was really nervous. No more school now for 1 month! I am SO ready for a break from all the stress.

Now I can start to catch up on some books that I want to read. Thats all I'll be doing now at work since I don't have any homework anymore to work on.

Ghyslaine-I have never heard of being hypnotized to control your weight! That sounds so interesting and I can't believe that it actually works. Where did you go to get this done? And how much did it cost. Hubby is trying to loose weight, and this sounds like an interesting thing. I wouldn't mind doing it too, so I can maintain the weight that I am at. Good luck with eating healthy!

Have a good day everybody!
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Hey, last day of work today!!!

Going to Dublin for a looong weekend with hubby and bruv. Both are Guiness heads . . . Hopefully the sunshine will hold out - I've just had a pedicure done during my lunch hour and I'd like to show off my newly polished toes.

My step-son is coming over to stay and look after the house and cats. All kitties know him well, so I'm happy with the arrangement. Just means I have to get lots of ready-meals into the freezer. He's 19, and doesn't cook!

He'll be happy though, coz our town is a nightclub hotspot so he can be on the ground (so to speak) without having to drive.

I'm still REALLY worried about my mother's cat (see Septaceamia post in Health). I need to phone her after work today, but I fear the worse. I think the little chap is not going to make it. And this makes me very sad, both for him and also for my Mum.
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I'm so glad your speech went well!

The session I attended was a one time thing. The hypnotist/therapist was in town and conducted two sessions. One for weight loss and one for smoking. He is coming back to town in October and should I not have lost the weight by then, I get to attend the session for free. It cost me $150.00 canadian so that would be equal to $5.00 US??? :LOL: I think it was money well spent because I tend to fall for anything that claims to be excellent for weight loss. To be honest, I don't have a tremendous amount of weight to lose (20-25 pounds and I'd be thrilled). I went more or less because my mind was no longer focused on eating healthy and I wanted to get back on the right track. I was, in a way, prepared somewhat before the session so it may have helped me to succeed. I am sure, if you ask around, there may be someone out your way who does this. My family doctor had recommended this method to me years ago but it meant travelling far enough away in order for me to see someone.

So.....maybe you should plan a trip to Cornwall for sometime in October

Enjoy your breakfrom school!
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I'm actually pretty busy today at work, so I have been catching up and posting here while printing. It's a nice change from having nothing to do, though.

Everything is just coming up Milhouse (sorry, big Simpson's fan here) for Earl. He was offered to be Manager at the store he's working at because the owner's wife (also an owner) saw how good Earl was with the customers yesterday. So he may actually be getting a regular paycheck, instead of working strictly on commission. AND the radio show he produces is in negotiations to get syndicated in the US. Things are really looking up.

Sarah, I'm glad your speech went well. Those classes are so far from reality, it isn't even funny, but I understand why we all need to do it at some point. Enjoy your time off from school.

Ghys, it's good to hear that Steven isn't as sick as you feared. And also good that your weight loss thing is working. I may have to look into that myself...

Yola, I am so jealous. Your holiday sounds like so much fun!

Well, so far everyone seems to be having a pretty good day. Hope that continues for all of us!
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That's good news about Earl's job!!

And Sarah, good job on your speech!!!

Yola, have a great weekend in Dublin!!

Gyslaine, I am sorry to hear Steven is sick...is he your son? I have alot of catching up to do here, so I missed reading about it. I hope he feels better soon!!!!!!!
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Debby!!! How are you feeling. I read in the other thread that you are 'trying' to get as much sleep as possible. Hang in there, it does get better.

My friend brought her new born in to see me yesterday. She was born on Saturday and weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces. Such a tiny precious little thing.

Yes, Steven is my oldest (7 years old). He has always been prone to catching everything, even when he was a baby. Our latest battle these past 3 years is pneumonia. To give you an idea: In 2000, he started one around halloween and it did not go away until February 2001. At one point, I had doctors practically shrugging their shoulders at me because they were at a loss for what to do with Steven. They even had him tested for Cystic Fibrosis (yikes!) It was negative, Thank God! So...needless to say, he needs to be under watchful eyes at all times.

Yola, I think I somehow missed your post. I hope you have a great looong week-end. I am so sorry for your mom. I haven't read the other post yet so I don't have details. Ummmmm.....could you send some ready made meals my way also????? I'm 35 and there are days I really don't want to cook!
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Heidi,....great news about Earl. Glad things are starting to go your way!!!!

Working on commission must be such a stressful thing. Great at times and scary other times.
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Sending up prayers for your son, Ghys, and for your mom and her cat, Yola.
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About 12 years ago, Mike's son was involved in a nasty divorce. They had two kids Sash and Kyle who we dearly loved and were with a lot of the time. After the divorce, mom took the kids far away and though the dad searched and searched they were never found. Last night, we got a surprise email from both of them! They are back in the United States and wanting to "get to know us." I cannot even imagine the horrible way they were brought up under mom's control, but they want nothing to do with her now. Kyle is 17 and Sash is 16. So we have started a tenuous journey of getting to know each other all over again. They got in touch with their dad right away and then we heard from them. No one wants to speak of the past, we just all want to start over.

Still no sign of McKenzie, though I keep hoping and praying she will appear. The kittens have settled down to accepting she isn't in the house anymore and are playing and wrecking havoc like kitties do. Getting dressed around them is dangerous as McGilly loves to leap up and catch whatever garment you might have in your hands at the moment, and if parts of your body get in the way.....oh well!

Speaking of cat scratches, my sister goes in for a bad operation at the end of this month. Eight years ago while she was capturing up one of her ferals to get her spayed, she got bit, and landed in the hospital due to infection and cat scratch fever. I guess over the years, a knot has built up in the hand that got bit and is painful for her to use, so she finally went in for further tests and an MRI revealed she has a cat tooth still caught in her bone. They are going to operate to remove the tooth and clean up the infection and re-attach nerve endings. So just be careful when and if you get scratched because you never know what will happen.
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Hissy...wow, your poor sister. Can you imagine getting news like that?After 8 years???? Wish her all the best.

I did not see a post on McKenzie disappearing. Hope she finds her way back.!

And good luck getting to know "the boys". What a nice blessing. You and Mike must be thrilled to bits! Life does work in mysterious ways.
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I'm glad that somebody had a god day. I had to work in the low-rent district, today and, as usual, it was hell: drunks, druggies and thieves. On top of the scuzzy customers, my boss yelled at me, for something that I didn't do. He is a world-class @$$hole. He must have really p.o.'d someone at corporate, to get that store. I've got to work there, tomorow, too. Ugh!

On a brighter note, Bill is cooking dinner. Any meal that I don't have to cook is a good one.
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Hissy...I wasn't aware of McKenzie missing, until I read the thread in the lounge about it that Daniela started. I will say a big prayer for her return!!! And for your sister!!!!

That is so cool that Mike and you and his son will get to know the kids!!!!!!!! That is great!!!!!!
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