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DH said something last night along the lines of Smudge getting spayed tomorrow (today), and I said no, it's next week. He was like what, I thought it was tomorrow!! I said no - definitely next week. And he said "aww man, I was preparing myself for her going". I asked if he wanted her to go and he says "no, I was preparing myself emotionally for giving her back".

So I said "we could keep her" and he says "we could....".

So I'm not going to push him, because our two are handful enough as it is in our 1000 sq. feet, but I will "double check" if he wants to give her back, or if we should keep her. She sits in his chest and sucks on his nose and kisses his face, then snuggles into his neck purring and he thinks it's wonderful.

She's so like our old kitty Byron who he loved and misses - and was also black, so it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up being a 3 cat household!
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I hope you two get to keep her!
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Oh I hope you keep her!!! She just seems like she'd be a wonderful fit for you.
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Awwwwwwww I hope you get to keep her too!!!
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I've been trying to contact the person who was going to take her, and was saying she's not sure if she can't now, but she's not returning my emails or phone calls!!
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Oh YES YES YES!!! That way I can keep getting my Smudge fix!!!!

Seriously, we have 3 cats in 1036 square feet, and they all have plenty of space. And you're at an advantage to us because all three of them get along at your house. We still have one downstairs girl who won't talk to the other girl in the house, unless it's cursing.
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Keep Her!!!!!!!!
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The other thing is that it's going to be very expensive to ship 2 cats back to Australia and have them in quarantine for a month when we move back home, let alone 3 cats!!!!

So unless he says he wants to keep her, we won't keep her.
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Aww I do hope you get to keep her
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Awwwwwwwwwww, I hope you do keep her..he looooooooooves her
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I hope he wants to keep her!!! She sounds like such a sweetie and she sure loves her "Daddy"
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Have you talked to him yet?
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No, he's not home from work yet. I'll butter him up over the weekend, and ask when she's snuggled into his neck purring away
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Woohoo!! We can all keep seeing pics of Smudge!!

Whats one more cat??
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Such a sweetie, how can he say no?
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