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He's biting me!

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Lucky has developed a new habbit...to bite me. he bites my arms, my feet--and this morning, while we were cuddling in bed (he was laying on my chest purring) he started biting at my face. I don't know what to do. It's not necessarily agressive biting, but his needle sharp kitten teeth still hurt me alot! Any suggestions? Has anyone else had to deal with this? I'd like to break this habbit, if thats what this is, as soon as possible.
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If he's still a kitten you can teach him not to. Whenever he starts biting immediately tell him NO and grab a toy and let him bite that. Anything soft or something on a stick. Never play with them with your hands or body parts.
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I agree, make sure your not letting him play with your fingers, and if he does bite say NO or OUCH very loud and sharply. Usually after that I ignore the kitten so that they learn when they bite they're not going to get attention. Now that my cats are older if we're playing and one looks like they're about to bite I just calm the playing down or gently say no and remove my hands/feet/whatever.
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