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Normal Bloodwork but Not Eating and Vomitting

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Hi Everyone-

Thanks to those of you that took the time to read my post and reply. Your support means a lot to me. I just returned from the specialist. She did an echocardiogram of Noel's heart. Her heart was functioning fine however, there was a mass of tissue attached to it. She took a sample of the fluid which will be sent to a lab to confirm if it's cancer. The doctor was pretty confident in her position though. Has anyone gone through this before? Please help! She said it would be lymphoma more than likely. There's very limited info out there. And I guess I am at a loss for whether I should put her through more torture or put her to sleep. I love her so much (not that anyone on here doesn't love their babies). I could really use some one's advice. Like I said in my original email- my kitty Timber was diagnosed with mammarian cancer in Feb, my kitty Blue Eyes crossed the bridge in July, in September Timber was diagnosed with renal failure and now Noel might have cancer. I feel very overwhelmed....I am sorry for being so weepy - I just hurt so much inside . Thanks everyone.


Hi Everyone,

I am new to this webpage but was so impressed at how everyone was so helpful, I thought I would sign up. I need to give you a little background here as to why I may seem more stressed about what I am about to describe. I lost my one kitty Blue Eyes in July to HCM and I have another kitty that was diagnosed with mammarian breast cancer in February and then in September she was diagnosed with renal failure. So I am already pretty wrapped around the axel right now about my pets. Recently I noticed my other kitty Noel is not eating, has lost a lot of weight and she was vomitting up her food when she was still eating. Truth be told, I have been so distracted with kitty with breast cancer and kidney failure, I have not been devoting enough attention to my other "kids". So I honestly do not know how long this has been going on. I brought her to the vet on Monday. They drew her blood and did a physical exam on her. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with her physical exam. Her blood work came back yesterday and was for the most part normal. The only two items that were a bit low were her thyroid and her blood sugar but not enough to alarm my vet. Has anyone had a kitty that had similar symptoms? She has no fever, no diarhea, her lungs and heart sound good to the vet, she has no external lumps or lesions. I am very much at a loss. The next step my vet recommended was a full body x-ray which I dropped her off for this morning. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If she vomits right after eating, that would make me think food allergies. It's also possible that she is simply overstressed by your other cat's illness and your worry over her. Good luck, I hope it's something easy to fix!
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I can tell you about my experience with my kitties. I have an OLD cat who gets nervous when she eats sometimes about my other cat hovering around her. Sometimes she will throw up right after she eats because she ate too fast is what I have been told. Does this kitty gobble fast when she is eating? Maybe this kitty is nervous about the other kitties illness. Can you feed her somewhere that there are no distractions maybe. I KNOW what you are going through. I lost my 12 year old a few months ago and almost immediatly after brought in my 19 year old for a check up. I was told she was in beginning stages of kidney failure and she had to be hospitalized. All the stress did me in too and I started to freak about everything. My 19 year old is stable now. Maybe your kitty is reading into some of your anxiety too. Again im not a vet, just my experience and im happy to be on the side of it now where all kitties are stable. PHEW.
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