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Septaceamia - your advice appreciated

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My mothers cat was attacked mid/end of last week by something (not sure if dog, fox or HUGE cat).

She heard him yowling in pain, but the silly cat ran off, and she couldn't find him for over 12 hours.

Anyway, she couldn't find anything wrong once he came back, but the cat became increasingly lethargic and wasn't eating/drinking. She gave him another once-over and found a wound on his underside.

So straight to the vet who kept him in and checked him out. On Saturday evening kitty came back. I saw him then, and he really did look unwell.

He perked up a bit, but by Tuesday morning he was back at the vet. The vet then found another wound on his back (did this guy not check the cat out intially . . .)? The wound has become infected and the cat has kidney damamge and jaundice/liver problems caused by the septaceamia.

Machiek (Mum's Polish, so no straightforward name for poor puss) is on a drip and the vet can offer no assurances of recovery.

Can anyone offer me any advice over and above the health info on the vet sites?

We don't want to put the cat to sleep, but need to know if there is a chance of partial or full recovery. Naturally we don't want puss to suffer but are loath to destroy an animal that could recover.

My brother and I will meet the vet bills, so cost is not an issue - we'll pay what we have to to ensure he gets well.
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Hi Yola,

I am sorry to hear about your mom's cat. When my horse was 2, he got really sick and part of his illness was this blood poisoning called Pasturella. He was hospitilized for 2 weeks at the Vet University and almost died. They treated him every day 3 times a day by forcing a tube down him and shooting strong antibiotics into his system to flush away the poisons. When they released him, he was still doing poorly and in desperation I sought out a learned man in our town who has a health food store. He told me about this product called GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract and told me to give my horse several drops of this in his water or food daily. Now this horse had been at the best vet around and treated with expensive meds and procedures and so I wanted him back to his level of wellness, so I did as Peter suggested and it worked.

I use GSE now on an almost daily basis for all my animals. It is almost 3 years now since I have used it, and in that time, I have had no URI's in any of my cats and no adverse problems with other diseases that ferals routinely get. You can read about this extract in the link I have provided. I swear by the stuff and like I said, I use it all the time.It has amazing properties.

GSE Extract

I hope this helps your kitty.........
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