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Is this law normal?

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I was reading another article about a man shooting a neighbor's cat. The cat was on the shooter's property. He says he was 'teaching the owners a lesson' for them violating the restraint law.

"According to the ordinance, a cat is considered restrained if it is on a leash, confined or has been desexed and declawed, reducing its wanderings to the immediate area of its residence."

The cat that was shot had been neutered and wasn't declawed, so technically was not in line with the restrain law.

My concern is requiring a cat to be declawed if it goes outside? Who makes these laws? It's a lack of responsibility to not know the physical and psychological repercussions of declawing cats, and they are making it a law! Wow.
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May some of these cat haters come back in the next life as clumsy gazelles near a pride of lions.
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If anything there should be a law forbidding declawing altogether and definitely not allowing declawed cats out of the home.

By the way, what about kids that go on a person's property? Is he allowed to shoot them too? Is there a defintion of how to restrain kids (neuter and declaw them as well perhaps - or maybe have them on a leash?).

Besides, since when are people allowed to take the law into their own hands? That person should have called the police and not shoot the cat. This is unthinkable in Israel. Everyone has access to weapons with everyone being in the miiltary at some point of their life. But if someone was to shoot anyone, two or four-legged, for tresspassing he's be in a lot of trouble.
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That is a huge problem here in the US. Unfortunately, you can shoot people or animals and know that the consequences will not be the severe. However, get caught on tax evasion and you might get the death penalty. Things seem a little backwards here.
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Anne, I definately agree that cats should never be declawed and they certainly should not be allowed outside if they are!! It infuriats me that people are too lazy to train their cats not to claw their furniture and have them declawed instead.
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What a stupid law! Where, pray tell, is this law in effect? Of course, if it's city or county law you can at least try to have it reviewed in a public forum. If it's a state law, you can probably forget it. State legislatures are the most crooked and sold-out governance institutions in the U.S.A. They make The Beltway look respectable! (At least it's that way here in Oregon.)

Yes, the good-old-boys' U.S.A. is a rootin' tootin' gun-totin' place! The judiciary doesn't care one iota about animals, since to do so would anger certain elements who believe we're here to "have dominion" over all other life forms. Yuk!

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That really pisses me off! I worked for the County for years as the Director for Animal Control...I did whatever I could for the "good" of the animals, even tried to go against the Humane Society! Let me tell ya...some of them wreak of "not so HUMANE"...That law is more outdated than an Afro! So, it's up to you and your community to get together and revise this ordinance; put a task force together with an attorney or just go to the County Attorney after writing your commissioners...it is your responisbility as a good citizen (as well as cat lover) to educate the ignorant of the physical and mental reprocussions to the cat; not to mention the disgust and heartbreak to the family that lost it's baby.
I'm so sorry you had to hear of this in your community!
It's outrages!
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This law is in Rock Island, Illinois, which is several hours from where I actually live. They also make it sound like Illinois just added the possibility of a felony charge for animal cruelty recently, so apparently Illinois is just a little slow on animal rights. I'm not aware of any members of this board living in the Quad Cities, so the chances of this law getting changed is pretty low. I'm just glad I live in a rural area, so I don't have any stupid city ordinances to deal with and I have nice neighbors
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