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Unusual Meowing

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A little over a week ago I brought my cat from my mothers house to my apartment. I know Ashley needs time to adjust to the new environment, but sometimes throughout the day and especially at night when me and my live in boyfriend are trying to sleep she meows in this calling like, loud, deep almost scary at times, type of meowing. I'm not sure if she is lonely because there was another cat and a dog at my moms and now it's just her. We play with her thoughout the day and give her plenty of attention throughtout they day and evening. I get woken up every night at all hours , last few days around 4am to her sounds. Why is she doing this???? She is familiar with me and my boyfriend..we had her first when she was a kitten in an apartment then I moved in with my mother with her and now years later she is with us again in a new apartment. She shows signs of being comfortable at the new place, she hops up on our laps.. she plays with toys... even gets into a little mischief by trying to hop on the tables. Please help.. I don't know if I can take the sounds!!!!

Thank you!!!!
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Sounds like she is a bit frisky to me

My girlfriends cat Oscar makes those noises and carries a fuzzy ball around in his mouth ...

I think it means she is lonely and in the mood for love

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Two of mine do this as well. One I think is calling for my boyfriend because she only does it when she isn't home. The other does it because he is a whiney little butt and likes to cry and complain It is long and drawn out meow and sounds really sad. Pitiful really but I think it's cute.

Don't know why they do it though, it varies with each cat i think. sounds like she may be lonely.
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