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Cat spraying

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my sis has a cat that is only spraying my stuff 4 times now:angery2: sence killing, skinning, and waring him as a hat is outa the question. he is fixed the only one of 4 males. the other males are to young to spray or nutor 2.5 mounts. i live with 4 other people. any help with this problem will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
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Ok, first of all, make sure to clean the stuff that has been sprayed with a product specifically for cat pee (just because you can't smell it after you've cleaned doesn't your cat can't).

Make sure your sister takes her cat to the vet. Going outside of the litter tray can be a sign of illness, like bladder infection or crystals. These are very serious; additionally, if one of these is the cause, the peeing won't stop until it's been treated.

Further, for your own peace of mind, can you close the cat out of your room? I know it's awkward, but if you can, you can just 'hide' your stuff in there, and close him out.
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Actually the other males are not too young to be neutered and you might want to get on that soon otherwise you will have 4 male cats spraying your stuff. Neutering before maturity (before the spraying starts, by 4 months) will greatly reduce the chance of the cat spraying in the first place. It is even more important that neutering gets done right away especially since you have 4 male cats.
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thanks! ill try your sugestions and ill take to the vet
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