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Stray cat bit me last night

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I almost forgot about it. I was sitting outside and the stray cat at work came upto me during my lunch break and I petted him for a minute or to and then he bit me, was like one of those why aren't you petting me bites. But that's just it I was petting him but he still bit me. And it hurt. Broke the skin a bit. I went inside and rubbed down my hands with some alcohol gel. Luckily I work in a nursing home so I had some there. But I don't know why he would bite me after I had been petting him. He always comes around for people to pet him. I didn't realize he had broke the skin at first because it didn't bleed but one of the ladies at work made me put some alcohol on it. I sometimes worry about petting strays because of fears of bringing home diseases to Tavia. Should it be alright since I put the alcohol on it. If it wasn't a stray it wouldn't have scared me as badly.
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Have you had your tetanus jabs done yet??? If you haven't I would strongly recommend it, especially since the bite broke skin! Since I started showing and breeding cats, my doctor always reminds me to keep my tetanus injections current!
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Its been a while but I don't know when I will be able to because money is a bit tight and I don't have insurrance.
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Tetanus jabs only once every two years... and although I know your in financial straights, please do get them done if you're going to keep petting strays.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
Its been a while but I don't know when I will be able to because money is a bit tight and I don't have insurrance.
I believe you can go to the local health department and explain what happened. They do tetnus shots.

We don't want you sick
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Gotta agree with everyone Gail........go get a jab!
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Find a low cost, or no cost clinic in your area to do a tetnus shot. I had mine done 2 years ago and I believe the shot lasts 10 years, but if you can't remember the last time you had it I would have it redone.
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I can my next day off. But I think I was safe with this last bite cause I put alot of alcohol on it. Although I should have put some peroxide on it when I got home.
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I thought Tetnus shots were good for 10 years?
That's what I was told when I had my 4 wheeler wreck.
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Yeah, I thought 10 years too.
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10 years normally, but I used to get mine every 5 years when I did a lot of archaeology, because it's a high risk occupation. This was on the doctor's recommendation.
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I found out something about this cat today. He was not born a stray. He had belonged to some man and he is declawed, not neutered though, and he either was turned out or got loose and the man came and got him but then he came back to the nursing home again. Why in the world would you get a cat declawed but not neutered and let him run loose outside. There is a big tom who is always beating him up. This just makes me so mad and my dad won't let me have another cat right now or I would simply catch him and bring him home after he visited the vet that is. I just can't see doing that. I knew a guy who had done that, I knew him years later, and he told me about it and how he had a siamese cat but his mom had him drop her because she was vocal. But I still don't get it. Why get a cat declawed and then let it outside. How cruel and selfish can people be.
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