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Frustration - People who won't respond!

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I responded to a post on another group list about a cat that needed to be placed due to severe allergies. I'm willing to take the kitty, and will drive to pick him up. The owner hasn't responded! I am totally flummoxed - she said it was the third time she sought to rehome this cat, so I assume she didn't receive any response the last 2 times. I'm more than willing to provide references (and I told her that) and anything else she needs. I sent two e-mails directly to her. Should I give up and just say it's not meant to be or should I post in the group?
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Maybe try one more time. And wait and see. How long has it been since you told her you would take him
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I sent two e-mails - Monday night and Tuesday morning. I know some people don't check e-mail that often so I'll be patient.
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Originally Posted by Bob'sMom View Post
I sent two e-mails - Monday night and Tuesday morning. I know some people don't check e-mail that often so I'll be patient.
Very good point about how often some people check their emails. Some of us just check more often than others, that is for sure.
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Your right. You need to be patient.....even though I'm on the computer all day, some people only check thier emails every once in a while..........hang in there and thank you for being willing to take on this kitty!
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Agreed...some of aren't as addicted, I mean obsessed, I mean check our email as often as others.

Who knows, maybe she had to fly out of town for work?
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I heard back from her - the problem she has is that I'm in Massachusetts and she's in Virginia. Does anyone have any experience in shipping a cat? I'm looking into flying down there and coming right back, but that seems expensive. I would drive (and initially told her I'm willing to go as far as Hartford or New Haven) down but my car is a piece of crap. I've been suprised before so I wouldn't be shocked if it held up.
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You can rent a car for the day for about $40, that's certainly cheaper than a flight....and recruit a friend to go along with you, bring a stack of your favorite cd's, a snack bag, and make a road trip out of it.
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I think renting a car seems like a great idea and then arrange a meeting point along the way to transfer the kitty. I've done with a couple of long distance adoptions through TCS.

Another option, although more expensive (not as much as you might think) would be shipping the kitty via air cargo. I was involved in an adoption that way recently with another TCS member and shipped the kitty on Delta Air Cargo from Cincinnati to Denver. We were kind of concerned about sending her unescorted, but the airline folks were very compassionate and the kitty in question arrived at her new home with no problem.

There are also many volunteer groups that arrange pet transport. Feel free to PM if you need more info. Good luck!
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I'd rent a car and not try to worry about flying with the cat, that's gotta be stressful on it. Car rentals are really cheap, we had to rent a car before Erik got his truck and we were still doing the long distance thing.
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I am really thrilled for you.
PM Eileen (Eilcon).
She successfully sent Ginger to Heidi (valanhb) by plane.

Good luck.
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Do you have an update?
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