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what is the meaning of the word particolor? (like the persian group on CFA)
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I moved your post over here to the breeders corner. While it's possible some people may know, the best bet is asking breeders. They are more familiar with cat standards and colors.
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Particolor means multi-colored cats which combine any of the recognized colors/patterns of the breed w/white in a pattern that is pleasing to the eye.

Hope that helps!
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did you mean any color without white?

i saw that the particolor group exists only in the persians, but i can say that tortie or blue-cream british SH for example are also particolors, right?
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No, that would be with white. But particolors can be found in other breeds as well. Torties are not particolors..

Torties are a tortoiseshell pattern that consist of two colors, with the exception of red or cream, as they appear to have 3 colors.... a major color and light and dark red, A dilute major color and dark and light cream.
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That would be true.... for CFA, as they seem to lump torties as a "division" of Particolor

I dont show, register, or judge for CFA.

In TICA for example, whom I do register and show with, have these color standards for which we are talking about.

Tortoiseshell Division. Cats which are heterozygous at the
sex-linked orange locus (i.e., red on one of two X-chromosomes without agouti (tabby patterning) or silvering or white spotting).

Particolor Division. Cats which exhibit the white spotting
factor, regardless of the amount of white (with the exception of lockets) or the basic background color.

To be clear the first definition I gave you about 2 posts ago was from my association, (my meaning the one I register with, primarily show in and judge for) AACE.

And it would seem that you've answered your original question with the link you posted. Their Site can give you a description for the CFA accepted term of Particolor HERE

Hope that clears things up....
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