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I am a die hard Reagan conservative, and was very pleased with the results. The Republican Congress had lost its principles in many ways, not to mention got really fat and happy with the taxpayer's money. That is not conservatism the way I understand it, and the way I believe in it. So I think the conservatives in this country gave their party quite a message.

Now they have 2 years to get back to conservative principles or Ill be a registered independent shortly. I am just praying that the Dems do not underestimate our enemies as history since the late 1960's have shown them wan to do. I dont want our national security turned over to the socialists and communists that seem to infest the United Nations, or countries like France and Germany who just want to demean this country for their own political purposes. Much rhetoric from Dems since the 2004 election leads me to believe that this could be the case. But it was still worth it, cleaning house, and kicking out a lot of faux conservative dead weight.