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Anyone feed their cat all wet food only?

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My cat Sunny was just recently diagonosed with struvite crystals so I have switched him to an all wet diet from a mostly all dry diet before. He has been reluctant to it but I have managed to get him to eat the wet food, not as much as I want but he is eating everyday. Recently in the last week his urine has diminished down to small clumps and he has not been drinking as much. He is currently on the Prescription S/D food until the crystals resolve. He doesn't seem to be straining and he isn't licking his genitals so I am hoping that this is just a side affect of him eating all wet food now. I know that cats will drink a lot less on wet because they should in turn be more hydrated but I never saw anything about how much they should urinate if it is more or less on wet. So anyone that feeds their cat or cats all wet how much and how often does your cat urinate? Thanks in advance!!!
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My boy cat, Drizzt, has FUS. His body makes both crystals and stones. Both can cause blockage in the tiny urethra tube that males have. Oh, Drizzt eats both the dry c/d and the s/d. He eats 2 four-pound bags of c/d, then 1 bag of s/d. That's equal to two months of c/d, one month of s/d. The cycle keeps repeating. It works very well with him and he makes big puddles with good urine flow.

If your cat is making tiny puddles - like a nickle or quarter - he may be getting blocked again. You need to watch the size of the puddles. If he's blocked, it can be an emergency. If the bladder fills with urine and he can't empty it, the bladder could loose the ability to empty itself or worse, burst.

My cats generally pee a LOT since I put them on canned food. They literraly SOAK the boxes! I add water to the canned food though, to make it more mushy as they like that. So I would say the cat should produce more pee on wet food than dry...
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I've had good results with carpon for acidifying the urine.
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What type of food are you feeding with the carpon? I have other stuff that I bought that is similar to Carpon thats made by Solid Gold it's called Berry Balance its has cranberry as well as a few other things in it I also got some vitamin c in ascorbic acid form from them. I haven' t really used any of it yet though as I am using the prescription diet right now just for a month or two to get all the crystals dissolved quick and then I am gonna switch to my own foods like wellness and natural balance canned with the supplements and see how it goes. My vet as well as another one that I went too both said that they won't work and that my Sunny will have to be on the Prescription diet for the rest of his life. I am determined not to keep him on that crap though unless nothing else works as I know that it will cause other problems in the long run as he gets to be a little older.
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