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19 year old! showing wierd!!

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My "Baby" is 19 and I know, I know shes old already. Tonight she started almost like a gag and opening up her mouth like she wanted to spit something out. I thought maybe a furball got stuck in her throat and gave her some of that furball remedy medication. Now shes totally depressed and wont open her eyes. I read on another forum she could just be loosing a tooth and having tooth pain. A vet a few years ago told me she may loose a tooth soon. Im real scared because she is so old and shes my best friend for 19 years. HELP! (yes im going to call the vet too).
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Yes, please do call the vet ASAP. Sounds like she could have swallowed something or maybe is getting URI/virus. My kitty Spyder had a virus last year and he was gagging/coughing.

Sending lots of feel better vibes to your sweet girl.
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Thanks for your support. This is very scary. What is URI virus?
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This is a URI, but as Diane said it's best to have the vet look at your baby asap..

Let us know what the vet said.
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thanks for the info and the 'vibes'...its only been an hour or two and she seems to be spunked up. Shes playing and purring again. Maybe the hairball remedy I gave her cleared something from her throat. She hasnt done the gagging thing either. I lost my 12 year old only 5 months ago, I dont want to go through that again so soon. Thanks again. Hope she stays well.
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I am glad she is starting to perk up.

What is URI virus?
Sorry, I meant either a URI or a virus.
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what did the vet say>???
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Yes, hopefully you called the vet. What did they say?
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Will I didnt end up taking her to vet as im 'semi-poor' too. Im afraid she will order tons of tests. Baby was definatly her old self this morning. I suspect she just had fur stuck in her throat and was being grouchy. Shes VERY old, 19!!! She is supseptable (sp?) to being a premadonna sometimes. I DID however CALL the vet to make sure the furball medication is okay for her old lady system (she is on presecription diet for kidneys) and the vet said that it is okay to give her that. Ill be keeping a close eye on her though.
Thanks again.
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I am sending lots of healthy, happy vibes to your sweet senior kitty.
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How is her hydration?
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She drinks alot and pees alot, but im not sure what to compare it to. It dosent seem over excesive. Id rather have her seem to be drinking lots of liquids than not. She also gets fluids once a week via injection by me, her mommy.
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thanks for all the good wishes and support too!!!! I hope she lives to be 25!! I think in Guiness book of World Records the oldest cats was 30!!!! Ive heard directly of cats that lived to 22. Im sure there is older too.
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