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October 26 I was diagnosed with Sarcoid disease. I want to know if any members on here have this disease and know of a good website or message board that I can check out. I have my postop with my surgeon on the 15th but that is just for the surgery I had on the 26th. I don't see the specialist for this disease till Dec 6th.

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okay stupid question here.. what is Sarcoidosis?
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
okay stupid question here.. what is Sarcoidosis?
I think it is an immune system disorder but I'm not 100% sure.
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it is a over active immune system disorder if i remember right.
i hope that everything goes well for you,
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I find the following link an excellent resource. I go there to ask questions and also to answer some that I have experience in. There are a number of forums for specialized problems and draw in people who have specific knowledge about the problems. Some of those people know through personal experience, others are medical professionals. However, the medical professionals are NOT allowed to state that they are medical professionals. I guess it's for legal matters.

They're a bit ban happy there, so make sure you read the rules about posting BEFORE you post. I guess it's easier for them to ban than to give warnings etc.


Some of the main rules there:

1. Your username must be anonymous. For your username, do not register your real name or any part of your email address or a website name.

2. Do not register or post or reveal your past, current or future board topic or healthcare profession, in any way.

3. Members that forget, fail to read, or otherwise disregard the rules will NOT be sent warnings.

4. Posting off-board contact information of any kind for any reason, is NOT allowed. No exceptions.

5. Members may not post anything about other message forums/chats/boards/blogs.

6. Members may not use this website to discuss, promote, or advertise their own websites or webpages or blogs, which includes any kind of personal internet communication.
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