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Sorry i sort of vanished

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Hi guys. I don't know if anyone missed me or not, but i'm sorry i vanished. I've been really stressed with looking for work and all. My work at the Animal Aid ended after two months. My manager had problems with me and certain 'incidents'. Such as:

After a week of sneezing and going to work, i woke up with a blocked head, nose, painfully sore throat and some mucus in the chest. So i wasn't at work for the week and got the appropriate medical certificate to prove i was sick. Then the day i went back i thought i was well enough, but i wasnt. So i asked the manager if i could go home early as i was still feeling crap. I went straight to the doc first and got another certificate for her. Oh did i mention i travelled 4.5 hours to work and back those days? I dont drive. And it was out in the country. How is this an incident if they have over 200 volunteers on various shifts and i provide the essentials for her. The main thing for me apart from feeling like crap was to not spread any germs to the kitties. There are generally about 40 at one time and if they get sick in anyway, sometimes it ends up in catastrophe.

Next 'incident' was that being new to animal aid, i had a problem with the idea of putting animals down. A few people had seen me upset, and the manager called me up. She wasnt angry with me but needed to discuss it with me as i obviousely couldnt handle it at first. Fair enough.

Theeeeeeeen about 4 or 5 weeks ago i was home on the floor (kneeling) sorting out my clothes basket, i got up to quick and smacked my lower back into the base of my back (long piece of square metal ouch). It hurt more than the bruise looked. I did go to work the next day even though for a few nights it was hard to sleep for not being able to get comfy. The manager wasnt at work that day. So i told the cattery manager what happened, she agreed with me that i shouldn't be doing cleaning and feeding etc as the bending wouldn't be good. I went to admin and the girls there got me work to do. Would you have a problem with me if i STILL turned up to work, but did other duties for the one day?? Sheesh!

Hrm as it's been about 3 weeks now i cant remember if there was a fourth lol. But the point is, ive turned up when i have to, i've provided proof of being sick, ive turned up and done a day of work sitting the whole day doing admin duties with a sore back instead of sitting at home and moping about it.

I was so angry. So now i am back where i was when i waited to get into the induction with the animals. Publishing a healthy eating/nutritional information book for 6-12 year olds with a small group of people for the council/local community.

Sorry for the rant. Am i in the wrong? *sighs*

Anyway. Good news, i'm going to my very first wedding this weekend with Tristan! He loves showing me off so much even though i hate going to parties and things, his friends and co workers apparently like me so his childhood friend invited me to go and we went to their engagement party a few months ago where i first met him and his fiance.

Cleo is getting bigger every day. Yesterday she was found climbing half way up the screen door! Lol. She is so intelligent. I wouldn't give her up for anything. I told one of my dads friends about her operation and being dumped, and he was so horrible, saying he would of put her down instead of saving her. I hate people like that.

If youve managed to read the whole thread, then congrats lol.

I hope everyone and their kitties are well. I must catch up on all the news when i get home in a few hours.
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Welcome back!! It sound slike you had it rough at the job.
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it's good to have you back
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Boy, sounds like alot of ups and downs for you lately! Let's hope everything continues to keep going up!!! Welcome back!!!
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