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Do you play the Lottery?

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Today I started playing the lottery.
I picked a series of 6 numbers that I am going to play weekly.
some are dates of bdays in my family others are numbers I think are lucky.

My boyfriend is going to do the same.

Anyone else play numbers?
ever been close ?
Ever win?
Know anyones who's ever hit it big?
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We play at work, we just get quick-picks though - we don't choose numbers ourselves.

We haven't won anything big but have won enough to get free tickets etc before
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no, I may not be normal but I hate gambling. It's not because I don't like wasting money and it's not the money at all.
It's just really boring to me for some reason.
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No- I personally don't agree with gambling away my hard earned money.
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very very seldom, i really dont agree with it. for one.
so i am waiting until find a way to fix it before i play for real
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No, but I always dream about winning, but I suppose I should play if I wanna win, huh?
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Yes, but not with any regularity and I don't go out of my way. If there's a decent jackpot AND I don't have my arms full when I'm passing a lotto kiosk, then I'll stop and get a ticket.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
No, but I always dream about winning, but I suppose I should play if I wanna win, huh?
That's me. I watched this show on TV the other day about lotto winners that hit it big and what they did with their winnings. It got me to thinking about what I would do...then I remembered I don't play.

I should though. You can't win if you don't play!
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We play it sometimes. DH has won $100.00 before from it.
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When the Powerball gets up high, I spring for 5 quick picks. Last week, I won $7 and just turned it into 7 more tickets for tonight's drawing.

Back in '88, I won almost $1300, on the state's game and I buy the occasional scratch ticket. I've won enough $25-$500 pots, to keep it interesting.
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I would ...if we had a lottery here....stupid politics have made the lottery illegal...
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I have never played the lotto the most I'll do is buy a scratch off ticket every other blue moon I hate gambling.... only because I don't like to lose
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I don't really play the big lottery...BUT if I happen to be getting gas and have an extra couple of bucks, I will get a ticket..

I am addicted to scratch tickets though...well I used to be worse..I used to buy one every day I think..yesterday I bought fort he first time in months...and I win $11!! I only spent $3 to buy it, so that was sweet!
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We don't usually play the lotto but we did buy a ticket for tonights draw...36 million
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