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I'm in favor of Brookhaven, and the brick! I personally would like to see the money go to Katrina victims, and since the first shelter never even acknowledged TCS's offer, I'd rather see the funds go to a more appreciative organization.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I have to tell you guys something funny about that post...

Trent does not walk on the keyboard. I've actually TRIED to get him to say hello in other posts or when I'm IMing with someone and he wouldn't do it. So this is actually Trent's first post!

I'm actually bumping up for the weekend croud...any additional thoughts on the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League as the recipient of our Cooking with Cattitude fundraiser?
They look amazing! Thank you so much for taking our imput into where the funds go.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
They look amazing! Thank you so much for taking our imput into where the funds go.
The whole idea behind the cookbook, and making an annual fundraiser a part of TCS was by the members, not the moderators. I just loved the idea so much that I wanted to make sure that it was carried on. It was really Amy's (MomofMany) idea, and she was the one who really spearheaded the first Cooking with Cattitude. So this is all about the members, by the members, for the members.
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I agree, Brookhaven sounds like a great choice!

If I may make a suggestion- perhaps a sum could be set aside for the original HS, and a registered letter sent to them saying that we have a donation of X amount of dollars, and will be happy to send it to them if they reply by (certain date). Otherwise, it will be sent to another pet charity in the area after (certain date).
That way there are no problems with having already advertised about the first HS, and sending it to another (as in "You said it was for us/them- where is it?" ). I'm certainly not a lawyer , but it just occurred to me that it might save a headache or 2 down the road for the price of a registered letter . If you've already sent a registered letter (I hope that's right- that they have to sign for and you get a reciept saying that they received it? ), nevermind . Just a thought.
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Brookhaven has my vote! I know all of us were horrified at the devastation that Katrina wrought - I did my bit last year with the Red Cross, but I'd like to help the animals!
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As far as I am concerned, no money went into it before the problem of the recipient came up, so it shouldn't be a problem for all the funds to go elsewhere. If numerous attempts were already made to tell the HS that we would like to give them $$$ and they didn't reply, their loss
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Since all of the feedback thus far has been positive, I'll go ahead and work on contacting them.
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They are in for some good news today.
Thanks Heidi for all of your hard work on this fantastic project.
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Heidi - We are so excited about this. Thank you so much for choosing our little group.

During Hurricane Katrina we moved over 20 of our BARL animals out of state to take in some Katrina animals. We took in 34 dogs and 33 cats. We have been able to find homes for all but one of the dogs (poor Katie is still awaiting her forever home.) The majority of cats were feral and went to a special home here in Lincoln County. One lady took in almost all of them - they are living a good life in the country.

Though we are small with only 14 volunteers that help with most everything (we do have others that come and go to clean-up days,etc. but the majority of work is done by these 14), we accomplish a lot. For the last 4 years we have adopted out over 200 animals each year - all our animals are vet checked, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and the dogs have a microchip ID number under their skin. Our adoption fees are only $40 for cats and $50 for dogs so needless to say we don't cover our intake cost with adoption fees. Also over the last 4 years we have aggressively spayed/neutered animals in our community that are owned by families on fixed incomes and/or receiving government assistance. I would say at least 1,000 owned animals have been altered over these years.

We've been in existence for 25 years and much work has been done over the years that just one e-mail can't contain.

We are continually raising funds whether through large events such as golf tournaments or through small efforts such as aluminum can recycling. We also are continually sending in grant request to animal organizations all over the country. (We've recently received a grant to start a Trap/Neuter/Return program for feral cats).

I hope this e-mail gives you an indication of who we are and that your money will be well spent. We always try to be good stewards of the money we receive.

Thank you in advance from all the animals and the volunteers. We appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Beth Adcock
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I am now DOUBLY excited about this project. I knew Miss Belinda and Desiree knew people!
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isnt that just a wonderful response

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How wonderful of them to get back to you so quickly! What a fabulous response!
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
isnt that just a wonderful response

That's my reaction, too!
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That is great!
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Thats wonderful, just wonderful!! What a great response!
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I have goosebumps ... thanks for posting their response! I am so happy these funds are going to just the right place.
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Fantastic Heidi!!!
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
I have goosebumps ... thanks for posting their response! I am so happy these funds are going to just the right place.
EXACTLY!!! WOW!! Happy tears here! That is fantastic!
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I agree with everyone....
A more deserving group could not have been found.
Tears, goosebumps and lots of smiles.

This is really exciting.
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Desiree will be here later tonight and I will get her to post what is happening at the new place that they are building.
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An update!
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