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Tuesday DT

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Hi everyone!

Just thought I wish you all a great (end of day). Guess I should have posted this in the morning! :LOL:

Not much going on around here. Went shopping for school clothes on my lunch hour. Yikes!!!! Is it my imagination or is the price of clothing for children ridiculous? Geesh...and I'm only beginning.

The big boss is in town tomorrow. Guess I'll have to behave

Probably taking my oldest little fellow to the hospital shortly. He tends to get pneumonia all the time and I fear it's happening again. Wish there was something magical that could prevent children from getting sick. I'd much rather be sick for them but....can't be done. Hopefully, it'll just turn out to be some kind of summer sniffle.

Bye for now!
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Not much going on over on my end of the world. It's fairly cool outside today, and we have even gotten some nice showers.

Ophelia is getting better every day. We also figured out last night that part of her problem is that it is too dark at night with all the lights off. So, we left the dining room light on real low and she was fine all night. No growling at Trent or anything. Trent is just being Trent, happy and playful. He's not too happy that he can't come out on the balcony with us yet, but we want to get some screen around it since the slats on the railing are wider than the cats are.

Ghys. I hope your little one is OK. Maybe a little board magic would help him, too.

Hope everyone has/had a great day!
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Hey everyone! I guess the end of the work day is nearing, so I thought that I'd better write whats going on on my end. Today has been kinda busy with phone calls and other things. I also had to prepare my notecard and visual aid for my final speech tonight. I am doing my speech on premarital cohabitation(the pros, cons and the effects it has on children). I really am not in a good mood today. I guess that I am just stressed out from work and from trying to get things done for class tonight. And to add to that, hubby is being a real meanie today. I told him how my notecards were going when I went home for lunch and all he had to say was that I was only suppossed to have one (I had 2) and that by having 2 wasn't going to help me learn how to do a speech without practically writing everything out...which I wasn't. I just had a lot of info that I didn't want to mix up or forget. *Sigh!* Yadda yadda yadda...then he told me that my visual aid is boring and that my thesis is boring. So I got all mad at him and told him that I am just a boring person then and thats the way I like it, so to leave me alone! Well, wish me luck on my speech. I think that I am going to be one of the first ones to go so I can just get it over with and relax and listen to everyone else's speeches.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Wow, hardly anyone posted to the DT for today so I felt compelled to write!!

Very regular day for me here. Worked ( daycare ), and did a ton of housework. I have no idea what has gotten into me lately, but for about 3 days I've been doing some serious house work. I tore apart both my kids rooms and rearranged and cleaned. Then I tackled my glassed in porch, moved all the furniture. I also washed EVERYTHING in sight. Comforters, sheets, mattress pads, towels, and every last article of clothing that was dirty. What is up with me????????? I'm scaring myself!!

We got some badly needed rain this morning. Its very dry here, and we are on drought watch. It rained for a couple of hours today, the first time since June I think. My lawn is totally dead, and my trees and bushes are heading that way as well. I water my potted stuff, but my yard is too big to water everything. I'd spend hours out there.

Have a good evening everyone.
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Sarah....Best of luck on your speech. I am sure you'll do fine! Keep us posted. Sorry about hubby...men can be a little crude at times.

Daniela, hey, do you happen to know where Apple Hill is? My house could use a little bit of re-vamping just about now. Seems like you may be the perfect person for the job. Oh yeah....the week of Sept. 16th, I am completely re-doing our bedroom. Walls, floor, ceiling, closet, light fixtures.....interested???? :LOL: Sounds like I'd have it done in a day if you were close by.

Heidi, thanks for thinking about Steven. He seems to be okay. I did not take him into the hospital tonight. I think I will wait one more day and see. His coughing is gone but his eyes have that glassy look to them. It's a look I am used to and it more or less tells me that something is going on. Since I have his puffers at home if he needs them, I do not need to rush him in. If a fever kicks in, then I have to. They are kind of used to seeing him at the hospital and we more or less have a routine down pat. I look for certain signs etc.... This morning, he did not look good at all. Tonight, it is so-so. So....board magic would be great. From what I have seen, it works wonders all the time.

Have a great evening.
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I'm here late, too. Day off and goofing off. We got a short, hard shower, late morning. All that did was boost the humidity.

We took the new truck up to my parents' house. Mom decided that she wanted it. She changed her mind, when I told her that it was a stick shift. She didn't like manual transmissions BEFORE the stroke. Now, with her right arm paralyzed, she couldn't shift it, anyway.

She, also tried to pry my engagement ring off of my finger. She likes amethysts as much as I do. I told her and my dad where the Antique Jewelry Exchange is. If I know Mom, she'll have my dad take her out there! Their anniversary is in October.
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well, is it too late to post in the Mondays thread if it is 1 am?
I hope not. I might not be on very much this next 7 days. My mom is coming in to town and we are spending time with her while she is here!
So we both took wed to wed off for our vacation for her! I haven't seen her in a year or more. I can't wait.
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