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Alf the idiot

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Ho hum! Alfredo has started to sleep balanced on the stair banister on the first floor landing - does he want to end it all? Trying to get rid of the eight lives he has left? And yes, the inevitable would happen and he'd fall off with an almighty bang halfway down the stairs. So everytime I caught him clambering up onto the banisters I'd shift him onto a less dangerous sleeping place. I put lemon all over the area - did that stop him? No!

I came home this afternoon to find him with a big swollen front paw, not putting any weight on it and a pathetic look on his face. I touched the paw and he'd hiss. He had obviously fallen off again and landed badly. I have now sprayed the offending area with flea spray (which he hates) - (the banister, not the paw!).

So off to the vets I go, fearing a broken leg.

I'd changed vets a few months ago, to one closer to me, and with the added bonus of two young attractive male vets! So, we go into see Brendan (tall, dark hair, brilliant blue eyes) and Alf quite happily lets him manipulate his paw and leg, walks without a limp and looks quite happy!! Grrrr!! The vet just thinks I'm an over-anxious mother. He gives Alf a couple of jabs to keep me happy - and to pay for his next fashionable hair-cut.

Alf is now sprawled quite happily on the microwave showing no signs of remorse at causing me worry and upset and for costing me nearly fifty pounds!

Why do my cats like to sleep in inappropriate places? Top of high cupboards, on TVs, banisters, hanging out of open windows. (He only fell out the window once - again a first floor window - landing on the outside sill. Luckily my chappie was home with his big long arms, and managed to grab his head and hauled him back inside that way.)

I love my cats, but some days I could quite happily murder them

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Maybe Alf just thought you needed to see those good looking vets again. A belated birthday prezzie from Alf! :LOL:
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I found this quite funny since my cat at my parents house used to do the same thing. He likes to sleep on top of the fish tank on my parents bar. Well he would get into a deep sleep and off he would go. He usually would come out from behind the bar shaking his head. One time he gave us a real scare. He fell and he didn't come out for about 30 seconds. The fall really stunned him, he was really out of it. He was fine about an hour later. My parents had to move the fish tank because they were afraid that one of these days he would not walk out from behind the bar. Good Luck!!!
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Oh that is too funny!!! But you know, maybe he WAS trying to do you a favour....you needed a good excuse to see a gorgeous vet - so he gave you one!! :LOL:
You know one of my babies Tetley (who is now an ) used to love climbing the ironing board.... no matter where I hid it, he'd find it and climb it.... TWICE he fell and got his paw stuck in the cross bars - one time he must have been hanging there all night!!! I finally got him "unstuck" and he had a swollen paw and limped around too.. needless to say that also cost about £50 at the vets!! Bless...
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I had to laugh at this. Not only because the picture you paint of your poor kitty balancing on the banister, but also coz Alf the Idiot is exactly what I called my ex-husband for ages (after he became my ex).

He was too.
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I'm sorry to hear about Alf's fall, and his sore leg...I'm really glad it wasn't broken!
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