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Just wondering, what kind of socks do you all wear?? I mean like ankle, no shows, etc?? And also are they plain white, or do you have pretty ones?? Mine are mostly no shows with all sorts of designs.
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I wear the below the ankle socks....sometimes they are no shows I guess....but not the "ped" type ones....
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Black "peds" or what I call "footies" with my black sneakers, boot socks with my riding boots.

Otherwise, I'm barefoot under my Uggs. LOVE my Uggs. I'd go barefoot EVERYWHERE if I could!!!
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With my tennis shoes I wear no show socks - they're white with either gray or yellow on the toes and heal. With dress shoes I wear either black dress socks, or I have a few pairs that are striped and such. I have toe socks that are patterned I enjoy wearing once in a while, and I looooove big guy socks that are huge on me...I bought a pack just for myself, lol.
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I have drawers full of socks. Lots of white athletic socks(up to calf) for working out and on the job-they are pretty dirty after a day of playing in the dirt!!
Wool socks, cat socks, holiday themed socks. I was shopping today and almost bought a cute pair of John Deere socks. Don't fotget about the Green Bay Packer socks and thoses fleecy socks to wear in bed!!!
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Just white ankle socks with a grey toe and heal.
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Plain black ankle socks with my shoes (SAS for my big feet) and wool-blend hunting socks at bedtime.
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