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Just wanted to warn everyone

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Recently have been involved in a scam by a phone company. I won't name the company, but I will tell you to look in your junk email bin carefully. There will be an email coming from this company informing you that your phone has been ordered. This phone, we never ordered. In reading the fine print on the phone company's website you will find that if you accept the package from the carrier and open it, you will be billed $250.00 for a yearly contract. If once you open it and then call to cancel the contract, they will dun you $200.00 for canceling a contract you NEVER made!

The "phone" arrived last week. It was immediately returned unopened. The BILL arrived yesterday for phone charges- $194.00 on a phone "activated" in the store where we have never been. The itemized list of phone numbers is strangely "absent" we have to write to request an itemized statement! Screw it, I have contacted authorites and hope they will move against this company for being so sneaky and underhanded.

This would have never been caught except purely by accident. Looking in my junk email folder, I discovered the email.

Be careful guys, so far everyone in authority I have spoken to says that though this is highly unethical, it is legal.
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What a crock of crap!
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How the can that be legal? particularly if it is sent to a business there is a good chance a package will be opened.
Thanks for the heads up, I would get the attorney general on it!
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I too would contact a lawyer. You cannot be charged a termination fee for a contract that you didn't sign.

Thanks for the heads-up. I am sorry they tried to get you with a scam!
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Wow, thats horrible MA - thanks for the heads up!
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I am curious about the name of the company...
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I bet they can't actually charge just to open a package- do they really think people will just pay up?
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That's terrible!
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Oh wow!!!! Thanks for the heads up.
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Thanks for the warning about this company's unethical behavior.
I hope that they are fined and stopped.
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Originally Posted by 2dogmom View Post
I am curious about the name of the company...
Me too.
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just wondering now, I ordered a virgin mobile prepaid phone and before I did visited alot of different prepaid sites, including I have got 3 emails stating my phone was shipped from t mobile. at this point id never go with them(sucky service in my area for prepaid compared to virgin. RJ
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Thanks for letting us know, sorry this happened to you!
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Hey Hissy, again thanks for the posting on the scam. That's really good to know.

Just as a warning though, I would check your credit and eye it the next week. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it seems fishy to me that a company you never ordered from knows your email address AND mailing address.

I'm sure they bought it from somewhere (i.e. some contest you entered and included your name and email), but still...
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Thanks for the headsup just never know anymore.......
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well I'm thinking it can't be verizon, cell 1 or nextel as all of those carriers have a risk free guarantee, I know because I got phones from all of them AND was able to cancel and return the phones with no penalties beyond usage changes.. That would really tick me off though!
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That reminds me of the scam that many of the major phone companies used to do- they essentially changed your long distance without permission- next thing you know your rates go up and you start getting bills from a different major long distance carrier than you had subscribed to. This just seems more high tech.
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Finally after speaking to a living breathing person in the company, came to find out this is a scam from a franchise of the real company. They have filed a fraud report against this independent store and are now fielding hundreds of complaints about this issue. They were extremely nice in helping us resolve this issue-
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Thanks for the update MA.
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Thank you for the warning, Hissy, and I'm glad everything was resolved. You may want to check and make sure that they didn't put this billing on your credit reports.
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That's horrible MA! What a headache to have to go through that.... Thank goodness you were able to get it all handled....
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
That's horrible MA! What a headache to have to go through that.... Thank goodness you were able to get it all handled....
That is just awful! But great that everything is getting taken care of.
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IMO if its a phone scam, we SHOULD know what phone company it is!
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