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I had the interview with the insurance agent. He seemed really interested in me & said I make a great candidate. He told me how much I'd probably start out making, too. The only thing that he said concerned him was what I had been doing for the past 4 years at my last job So, I dont know if it was a good sign or not. He said if I were hired, he could send me to classes to learn more about insurance, people skills, etc. He said he'd let me know sometime this week.
In the meantime, I will take the other job just in case this one does not come thru. It interests me, too.
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That sounds pretty promising. Whenever they start talking schooling, to me, it seems like they must be pretty interested. Hey, at least you have that other job lined up in the meantime. And since it is though a temp agency, you don't have to feel as bad if you leave to take the better job.

See, we told you things would work out!
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CONGRATS Tigger! I'm glad to see you got a job that'll make you happy!
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Tigger! I really hope this one comes through for you!!! I will keep my fingers crossed, toes too if that will help.

Let us know when you find out if you got it or not! Good luck!!
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