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Is your cat a water lover?

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Mine is! It's nuts! She loves baths, playing in water and when she goes to drink she doesnt just take a sip, she lays down with her paws to either side of the bowl..and laps for ages.. lol
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A couple of mine are fascinated by the running faucet, but the second they stick their paw in and get wet they are off like a rocket
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Radar loves water. Every time I turn on a tap I hear the thundering of kitty feet (how can 1 kitten sound like an elephant stampede?) as he rushes towards me. He leaps up onto the side of the sink and plays with the running water, and as long as it's not running fast, he will get under it and play. He also likes to sit in a wet hand basin, and he gets into the washing machine when we are unloading it and it is full of wet clothes.

It seems that some part of him is always wet!

I have not given him a full bath, but I have wet my hand and wiped him down with a handful of warm water to clean up his fur if he's looking a bit grubby, as he's got a lot of white fur. He doesn't mind in the slightest.
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I leave my kitchen sink barely dripping for the cats. DH gets upset with me, but owell. I tell him, they have to have a drink.......
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Mosi loves water. He's always in the bathroom washbasin watching droplets of water, or just lying in it getting wet. As he's semi long haired he can get pretty wet doing that. I often have to physically remove him at night so that I can shut the bathroom door. I cooked some rice this morning to make a rice salad for my lunch and left it in a pan of cold water to cool. Next thing I knew Mosi was sticking his paw in it
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Zoey is part tiger ... she loves water .,... she fell in the tub with me and calmly got out and stated the water was a bit warm for her taste

Kandie hates water
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BF leaves a tap running for the cats several times a day.

We caught Talin washing his front paws in it last night!
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Louie the love bug likes the water...but he doesn't wanna be too wet. He will sit in the shower with you, but towards the back of the shower. And he is IN the sink when your brushing your teeth.... LuckyGirl is completely not interested in it. But she does want to watch you bathe.
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
BF leaves a tap running for the cats several times a day.

We caught Talin washing his front paws in it last night!
ummmm, can you please get a picture of that?!?!
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Yup, all of them - Tink has us 'trained' to follow her into the bathroom when she chirps at us to turn a trickle on in the tub for her to drink from. She even does it at my mom's house when we visit - she makes us follow her all the way upstairs!
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are you kidding?! they HATE water! I gave Tiger a bath one time because he got pee all over his butt and he was not a happy camper.
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Oz hates water but feels compelled to sit on the floor beside the bathtub any time I take a bath. Spike, on the other hand, has a love/hate relationship with water. It fascinates him and draws him towards it, but then he touches it and remembers that water is wet and that's it, he's had enough of that terrible wet stuff.
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The boys don't like to pay in water unless it's the toilet at 3am. Yet, 8-Bit likes to do funny things to water, for example, putting his brother's toys in it.
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Tegato generally does not like to get wet. If I am taking a long bath he starts meowing at me and using his paw to splash water in my face. He acts like he thinks I am going to drown.

Claude is a water kitty. I have already posted pictures of him showering. I am not allowed to go to the bathroom anymore without being ordered to turn the shower for the cat.
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