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Booger / Rocki's Missing

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McKenzie disappeared from Hissy's home. Booger/Rocki has disappeared from ours. Last time we saw her was Thursday morning. I'd be completely freaking, except Hubby thinks some RVers might have taken her. There was a family here for a couple of weeks several sites down. Hubby mentioned that he'd seen her over there getting pets. She came by for attention, but didn't eat much the last few days before she disappeared, so maybe they were feeding her too. She disappeared the same day they left... maybe she decided she wanted to be an indoor cat and they offered her that opportunity? I can only hope and pray that is the case. We've searched all of her hideouts we know. I just hope that if they did take her, it wasn't against her will so she doesn't run away from them in some stange new place.

We finally got the pictures developed. Here's our first baby, Rocki (Booger). Hope she's O.K. and happy.
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Laurie - I am sorry about this! I pray that she is safe, where ever she is!
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Oh she is a looker, I hope they decided to take her as well. Just keep your eye peeled, ferals love to wander.
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Oh no!!!!! I hope the family decided to adopt him and that they will be very loving and wonderful to him. He is so beautiful that I can see how he would have won their hearts.
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Laurie - Rocki is a truly beautiful cat. I do hope she turns up, or at least you find out that she's in a safe place.

I'll cross my fingers for you and wish on a star tonight.
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Oh this Cat Site really is a miracle-worker! Rocki (Booger) turned up about two hours ago. I was opening the door every 15 minutes and whistling for her. Boy was she a mess. I don't know what she'd been into, but she clearly hadn't been cleaning herself the last couple of days - possibly because she was FULL of burrs. She was meowing and pacing around our feet, pushing up against our legs, rolling on our feet. She'd visibly lost weight, but seemed in good spirits.

We gave her a giant bowl of dry food with wet food and a vitamin on top - she gobbled it all up, so we gave her some more wet food. She was so good about letting us get all the burrs off of her, and purred just about louder than I've ever heard her while we brushed her and checked for fleas and ticks.

I feel so torn - I LOVE having her back - but I'd so love to see her have a home she could live in! But she's so independent... we're really torn up about what to do about her. If she wanted to move inside full-time with us, we'd figure out a way to integrate her with Laz and Shel. She is such a great cat, she really deserves a full-time home (and though I'm generally pro inside-only cats, I really think Boog/Rock deserves a home where she can be an indoor-ourdoor kitty). For now, she's happy prowling the property and woods as always.

Thank you for all your prayers! Yipppeeeee!!!!
What a feeling when a stray cat or feral seems to love you! Wow!
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Now come on McKenzie, it's your turn to come home! Your mommy loves you and wants to know you're OK! Your kitties miss you! PLEASE COME HOME! You're missing all that warmth and love and lots of yummy healthy food.
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Laurie - thank God. I'm so pleased Rocki is back.

Ah. The mystic powers of the Cat Site . . . all we need now is MacKenzie . . .
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Oh, I'm so glad she is home and safe! Give her some extra scritches for me.

We are doing pretty good with the "Come Home" vibes. First Luckie, then Spawn, now Booger. We just need to concentrate on MacKenzie now. Please come home to Mary Anne, pretty little Kenzie!
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I am so glad Booger is home. That news really brightened my day.

Okay.....McKenzie gets 100% of my COME HOME power.
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