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Her's a couple of my baby girl, Nike, Eros's sister, when I first got her, she's grown so much, hopefully I'll have more recent photos soon. She had a little cold in her eye at the time
on the move, hence her name: Nike is the goddess of victory!!

With Zeus, who always looks like a deer caught in the headlights in pics for some reason

her beauty shot
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Beautiful girl!
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Awww isn't she just precious
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She's a little doll baby!
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She looks like she has those "close together" tabby markings. I can't wait to see grown up pics of her...they change so much!
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Her stripes did become much more defined- actually looking at those pics is kinda hard to believe she's the same cat!
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She is such a dollbaby
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Oh my goodness, shes just precious!
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Awww, my best friend had a cat named Nike too! She's a doll
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she's precious!
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sooo pretty!!!
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