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Newbie says HI!

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here & thought I'd say hi! My name is Sherry and I have one cat, Sally, a calico. My husband & I lived in a no-pets-allowed apartment for years, so when we finally bought a house, one of the first things we did was go to the local animal shelter. Every time I walked by Sally in her cage, she would reach out & grab my sleeve. Too cute! We laugh and say she chose us. The shelter said she was a stray & was about 1 year old. So after spending half the afternoon with her, we brought her home (and that was one year ago yesterday).

Sally is one of the best choices we've made, she is so much fun. She plays all the time! When she's not playing, she likes to sit on her "house" to look out the window & talk to the birds. If you talk to Sally, she will talk (well, meow) back to you. She loves to be petted and will always sit close to you, but doesn't like to be held & won't sit on anyone's lap. She won't sleep on the bed with us (she's usually up playing), but on really cold nights she'll sleep on my pillow and burrow in my hair.

We're having some problems right now, she was spayed about a month after we got her but she's acting like she's in heat. We see the vet tonight. The vet is thinking (just from our phone conversation) that she has a UTI infection & is screaming because she's in pain. Please keep your fingers crossed for Sally! I will post more after a diagnosis.

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A warm welcome and fingers, paws and all crossed for little Sally. How lovely that she chose you - a lot of people say that - that their cat reached out to them and they were smitten.

Lets have a picture of Sally when you have a moment . . .?
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I hope the vet is able to clear up Sally's problem. She sounds like a total sweetheart! I can just picture you at the shelter, like a kid in a candy store. It's awful when you're an animal lover who can't have a pet. Let us know what happens, ok?
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Welcome to the site! Sally sounds like a real sweetheart. Sometimes those little ones just *know* who their people are when they see them. There have been a lot of them who choose us, and they are always very special kitties with very special bonds with their people.

I do hope the vet can figure out what is happening with Sally. It's such a helpless feeling when you don't know what is going on. Please keep us posted!
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Hi everyone, thanks for the concern!

The vet said that although she's never seen it, she's heard of tiny pieces of ovaries left behind, and that tiny piece can swell up or grow which would be enough to give her the instinct to go into heat. The vet wants to do exploratory surgery & remove anything left that she can find, free of charge since they didn't get everything the first time. If everything goes well, Sally gets to come home tomorrow. I really didn't want her to have to go through the surgery again, but the vet said this would be for the best for everyone, including Sally.

It was so strange not having her around this morning! I guess you don't actually realize how much they affect you until they're not there!
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Welcome Sherry!

Glad to hear the vet will be looking after Sally. I am sure if they decided to explore the situation more, it is for a good reason. She'll be home in no time and feeling much better!

Sally does sound like a sweetheart.
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what your vet described is not that rare! Even a tiny piece of an ovary that was left behind can trigger the heat cycle. They need to check when she's in heat as then this piece is more likely to be swollen and will be easier to notice and take out.

Welcome to the forums!
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Oh Anne I should've talked to you a couple of days ago! That would've eased my mind! The vet called to give an update...Sally was still in heat so they went ahead with the surgery & did find quite a bit of tissue on her left side. She removed it & "re-did" the right side, just in case. I'm from a small town, so this was the first time she's actually seen it, but she was great about it.

I think I'm going to really enjoy this site! And if I ever get my home computer up & running again, I'll post pictures!
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I'm glad the surgery went well, and they were able to correct the problem. Sounds like Sally will be just fine. It also sounds like you have a good vet.
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So glad to hear the vet was able to diagnose and take care of Sally's problem. She sounds like a love bug. Will look forward to pictures. I adore calico's. (I'm glad I didn't say that out loud.) I'dve had 4 pairs of yellow and green eyes glaring at me. I can relate to living for years in apartments or houses that would not allow pets. When we moved to a place in the country where we could have them we immediately went to the humane society and found Sammy who is a precious little dog. Then the feline fur kids seemed to know where to come when they needed a home. We brought them all except Lady when we moved to the eastern part of Washington. Lady adopted us a few months ago. Arn't they just wonderful?? You will just love being a mom to furbaby Sally. They are so comforting to have around. I keep saying we can't take anymore. 5 is quite enough BUT those of you who remember Luckie's escapade a few day ago know that he has this little siamese friend who is still coming back every evening and playing with Luckie and Jessie through the sliding glass door. He (it is a he - unaltered) is now only running to the end of the deck when we come to the door and then comes right back. We are feeding him. Will I or won't I - the million dollar question!!!!
Welcome to the site Sherry. Its wonderful and the people are fantastic.
Blessed be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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Dee, I have been worried about that Siamese kitty every since you first told us about him! I hope you give him a home or find someone who has always wanted a Siamese. Keep us posted, ok?
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The little siamese was at the sliding glass door this morning. (its 8:30 am here) Its the first time I've ever seen him in the morning. I put out fresh water and food and talked to him. He only ran to the deck steps. He will not allow us near him at this time but at least is not taking off across the yard. Hubby has been lying down on the kitchen floor to talk to him through the glass door. He seems to accept this for a few minutes anyway. Will keep working on it but it could take awhile. He will have to be vet checked and neutered if we are able to catch him. Yes I will keep him if we can tame him enough to catch him. Since we already know he gets along with Jessie, Luckie and Lady adapting shouldn't be a problem. He is a little cutie. I'm beginning to think feline furkids are like the potato chip commercial. "Betcha can't eat "adopt" just one."
Have a good day everyone.
Blessed be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & ?
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