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Do you sign your cat's name to cards? - Page 2

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I voted 'no' because technically I never have... this is our first Christmas living together (me, Chad, and the cats too!) so I haven't had an opportunity.

I'm making all of my own cards this year with stamps & stuff so I like the idea of kitty paw prints- too cute! I'll have to go buy another stamp!
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I do if I know the person loves cats. Otherwise I usually dont.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
No. They write their own cards. Their penmanship leaves a lot to be desired, but is usually legible. Sometimes they let me sign the card, too.

I should have known that Fran.
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I will sign the cards to DH with the cats' names. There was one year where I picked up a card for Valentine's day and didn't read it fully (it was one of those fold-out ones). When I actually was ready to sign it, I found out that one of the pages talked about being a wonderful father. Since we didn't have kids, I crossed out the father part, put Pet Guardian and crossed out the "to the children" and replaced it with "to the kitties".
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Yes I do, if they are friends of mine they already know I'm the crazy cat lady
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Well that depends. My kitties often feel the need to send their own cards, for example, Manytoes sent out 3 halloween cards this year. Being a black freaky cat and all, it only made sense. Christmas cards however are usually joint projects between me, manytoes, and niles, though I guess with Niles in Ontario with Mom, he'll be missing from my cards this year alas!!!
If its a personal card, it almost only ever gets signed by me, unless I can work the cat in creatively!
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Yes - if they know the kitties! After all, they are part of the family! They even give out their own cards for birthdays to family members and buy Christmas presents for family as well!
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Anytime I write out Christmas cards I always have Katie's name on it and a paw print.
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I do to family and cat people, which is about the only people I do anything for or to so that would be everyone for me!!
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I used to when I had 3 kitties - now with 11 it's just "yayi's gang"
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For other cat lovers and people who know them yes, for people at work etc, no
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I have never done that, but that is a cute idea, I will start!
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I only do sign my animals names if they're fellow animal lovers too.
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yes I do
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