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Do you sign your cat's name to cards?

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I'm just curious. I do if it is a TCS member, but I don't sign Abby's name to any others.

My Molly had bonded with a few of my friends, so I used to sign her name to their cards, but not to any others.
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When I used to have a fewer amount of cats I did Merry Christmas from..... and then I'd put pawprints
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Same here Karen.......only if it's a fellow cat lover..............
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I usually sign "from the Fluffalorium!"
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Oops i clicked yes but i really meant only if it was another cat lover
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I clicked yes, only if it's a fellow cat lover - but mine really is if it is a person that can relate. I have friend that are not owned by felines but have dogs, bunnies, etc. and can understand the bond between animals and humans.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Same here Karen.......only if it's a fellow cat lover..............
....same feelings here my friends!....
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Most people who know me, understand that Dexter & Sadie are family.
They would be surprised if I did not sign their names to a card.
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Our family picture this year, the one that is one the Christmas cards, is going to be a picture of my husband and myself with the boys. I just hope that they are calm when we try to take the picture.

Whenever I sign a letter that is from us as a family, yes. If I'm just writing a note to someone, no.
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Yes I do sign the kids names. I also call them my kids which confuses some people. Also with my household the cats actually send cards to people. Those are the animal lovers that understand. And my husband always sends me a card from the kids on special occasions. Which is cool an extra gift at Christmas and Birthday.
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I do it if the person I am sending the card to is an animal person. For example, when I send cards to my fiance's family I don't include them because they just aren't animal people...
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I only do if the recipient is an animal person. I do get Brent cards from the girls for special occasions.
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I alwyas sign my cards with my cats names. Family is family in my book.
I love my cats like they are my kids so why not include them in the special times of your life?
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Yep all the time..After all they are a part of the family
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I add their names to cards going out to anyone. Jim on the other hand, will add a message from one of them. If the message is from our dog the message goes, "woof, woof" and then Jim interprets the woofs. If its from the cats, he interprets the meows. They all end with a paw print.

And for any occasion Jim gives me a card, there is always a message from one of our babies, that is usually something to Jim's benefit, that one of them has told him they want me to do for him .....
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I do if the person thats getting the card is family/a fellow cat person/a close friend.

So I clicked yes, I do!
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yes, it's a sickness...I know...

But, in my defense....I only sign their name on cards for people that know them, like DH, Jazzy, or my neices/nephews, SIL etc. Not for someone that I work with.... if that makes sense?!
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If they know my cats I do!
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I am not the norm...lol I actually never sign Monkey's name too...
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Of course I do. They can't write!
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Yes and when I receive cards the card inside is made out to me, Chynna and Abby.

I do remember one of my aunts asking me who Chynna and Abby were though, LOL

I'm thinking of getting individual stamps made up with their name and a paw print. Then I can stamp their name on the card next to mine and people will understand that they are kitties.
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to people when I send them a card and they are on an animal forum, yes. I sign all of my pet's names. I think my family would think it's stupid.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Same here Karen.......only if it's a fellow cat lover..............
same here!
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I write all mine on there if it is family or another cat friendly family the card is going out too.
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I don't tend to send many cards, but no I do not sign for the animal family members!

I know that some people like it, but I find it a bit odd - in the same way that I find it a little odd that some people post pretending it is their cat at the keyboard.

Not that I think they shouldn't, if that's what makes them happy there's nothing wrong with it, it's just not for me
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I always sign the cats names to cards - they are family. I don't send cards to anyone other than family and close friends so even if they're not animal lovers themselves they all know I'm daft about my boys! To me it's just like other people putting their (human) kids names on cards. The only thing I wouldn't put their names to would be something like a leaving card at work that was from the whole office.
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No. They write their own cards. Their penmanship leaves a lot to be desired, but is usually legible. Sometimes they let me sign the card, too.
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I do to my close friends,cat lovers and close family!
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At Xmas and birthday, when my boyfriend and I give each other cards, we make sure the cats give their own cards to us.

On Father's day, I made sure my boyfriend found a card from Rishi and Frankie.
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I voted 'only if the other is a fellow cat person' - I sign it to those who would find it cute (like family) - but on ones to family friends I usually leave them off.
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