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Not back yet - update!

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Hi guys!!
I just wanted to drop by and say hi since im at a internet cafe.

These two weeks have been so stressful for me and the kitties!!

Unfortunately T&K didnt adapt well to the move, but they are slowly settling in.
When ever they hear a weird noise they run and hide in my desk drawers.
So ive decided to leave it free for them.
I was at the pet store looking for feliway but i wasnt able to find it

My apartment smells like mould\\vomit, and i have no clue where the heck its coming from.
Some of my things were sent accidently to Italy, such as my mirror, my chested drawers and some of my clothes!! i was so angry.
My poor parents had to buy me new clothes.

On top of that i realised im not computer literate, im still figuring out how to install the internet at home.
I need different cables to use the telephone because with this modem its different and its all costing me a heck of alot of money.

On the good note though ive started my teaching training yesterday and i absolutely love it!! I have another 3 days next week!!

I will be teaching english, signlanguage and italian!!

Hopefully i will be able to use the internet at home by this weekend!
Gosh i miss you all!!
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Hey Fran Too bad the move didn't go so well..but I'm glad you like the job so far...The kitties will settle in soon enough

Nice to see you again
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Hey Fran! Hang in there, it takes some time getting settled!

Glad to hear the kitties are getting some better with the new place. They'll be fine.

See you soon!
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Hey Fran, so pleased you dropped in to let us know your ok

Don't worry the kits will settle down. For the first couple of weeks Rosie and Sophie hid under my duvet when the phone or the doorbell went but their fine now
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Moving is so stressful! I sympathise. But it will get better, and I am glad you like the job.
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Nice to hear from you Fran! Sorry your move is not going perfectly, and I totally hear you on the computer literate thing hope things start to fall into place for you!
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Fran its so good to hear from you!Sorry the move isn't going as smoothly as planned. But you got new clothes out of it! The kitters will adjust in time! Hope to see you on here a lot more very soon!
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Is you stuff getting shipped back??
I would check your heating and cooling system in your apartment for the smell.
Good to read about the job though!!
I have a bottle of Feliway I don't use pm me if you want it!!
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....)))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((
Good vibes for adapt soon to you and the kitts!

DonĀ“t give up my friend!
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Hi Fran, glad you made it (relatively) alright to your new home! Kaylee and Teufel will settle in eventually. I've never had a move where my cat/s have not hidden for a solid week.

I hope you find the source of the smell!
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Nice to hear from you!

I'm sorry about the bad news, but I'm very happy for the great news!

We al look forward to hearing from you!
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Welcome back Fran....sorry to hear things didn't go so smoothly.
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Glad you & most of your things made it safely! Teufel & Kaylee will hopefully settle in soon....I have no experience with moving kitties. I'm glad you are excited about that job!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Glad you & most of your things made it safely! Teufel & Kaylee will hopefully settle in soon....I have no experience with moving kitties. I'm glad you are excited about that job!

Glad to hear from you Fran!
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