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Extremely Frustrated

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Took my cat in to yet another vet yesterday, since the one I wanted to see was not in and would not be in till Wed. Vet recommended by friend. Cat was not eating and they said I should really bring her in right away. From the not eating and drinking lots of water, the suspicion was early kidney failure for my 12.5 year old. Blood work was done, as well as a urinalysis before yesterday. Blood found in urine, as well as levels from blood work showed signs of kidney failure. I was tired of the guessing game and wanted to know what is wrong with her and needing to get her back to eating, so went to this vet. Wouldn't an xray or ultrasound tell us for sure??? I have no idea but I would think we would want to see what is going on...maybe gall stones, I am guessing here but I can tell you now I have been up all night with an angry, not feeling so good cat. She has been growling, so much worse feeling than she was or at least more vocal. Given Baytril (in place of the amoxi we had been using) and an appetite stimulant (Cyproheptadine) and very sm amt of pepcid. She has been eating her dry food, which she has not really touched in weeks, but it is now seeming to upset her. Any suggestions? Please?

Thank you so very much!
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I made an appt to see the vet. I just do not like to see my baby in pain.
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I hope you are able to get some answers.

I have had a cat pass kidney stones and it was found with x-rays. The other cat had a bladder stone found with x-rays. But other things I don't know anything about.
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How were your cats acting in order to know to do an xray and find the problem? Did they do blood work first and a urinalysis?
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Petunia, the one with the kidney stones, growled at me for the first time in her life. So I figured she was in pain.

Lucy just started having problems where she was constantly visiting the box.
Since our other cat, Much, has had frequent UTI problems, we of course took Lucy in right away. Lucy didn't have any crystals so the vet took an x-ray and saw the stone there. She had to have an operation so the vet could determine the type of stone.

I'm thinking that an x-ray is in order.
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I 3rd the XRAY ....

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Did the XRay as you both recommended and I almost had to demand and feel so much better. Vet said she saw something suspicious looking of a kidney stone but it is small and the other xray did not show it because it was covered by her intestine. She assured me she did not see anything bad. She said if it is a kidney stone it is small and should not bother her or will pass. She said she wants to continue on our meds as she gave us yesterday and have her eating. She felt my cat is just not feeling well and maybe since she was eating yesterday and the dry stuff, she could feel a bit sick to her tummy from that. Thank you both. I hope this is all it is and that we can get some sleep tonight.
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Keep us posted on how your little one is doing.
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