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Its hard to believe....

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that just a few months ago my Trixter was SO sick from hyperglycemia...

He is back in full force now, after 2 weeks of insulin injections, home testing with a human glucometer, and a diet change from dry kitty crack, to a low carb, canned diet of 250 calories a day. Diet control rocks!

Taken earlier tonight....





Also, Smeagol has lost all his excess weight, and he looks perfect now! Although he is still a major brat.... LOL

Aren't my babies beeeeeautiful!?
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He is looking great
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They're beautiful! And they both look healthy

I've never had a diabetic cat.

Do you prick the paw pad to get blood? Doesn't kitty kick up a fuss?

Where do you inject the insulin?
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yes , yes, your babies are cutie-pies

Hope goes well for a continued health plan !!!
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Beautifuls an understatement, their stunning!!
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they are adorable! and Trixster looks great!
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Originally Posted by TrixtersMomma View Post

Aren't my babies beeeeeautiful!?
Yes they are
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They're gorgeous! Their fur looks so glossy
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Thanks all! I am so proud of them both!

Re: paw pricking; No, you prick the outer edge of the ear, between the vein and outside edge. No fuss! He never even flinched! Not even the first time. Cats ears don't have the nerve endings that ours do. He doesn't even feel it. Paw pricking would hurt, their paws are very sensitive. Not to mention that poses a threat for infection since they step in their litterboxes, etc. Ear pricking is easy as pie! Trixter is such a good boy! At first i was scared he'd give me trouble, as he has always been a "king kitty", and doesn't take crap from anyone, but it was like he knew momma was just wanting to make him feel better. Even now that he feels 2 again, he still lets me test with no fuss whatsoever!

Re: Insulin injections; there are several places you can give the shots. They are not into the muscles or anything like that, just under the skin. I used the neck scruff. I pulled it up to form a tent and then slid the TINY needle in and pushed in the insulin. The amount of insulin is literally in drops, its so little. Again, easy as pie, although I am so needle phobic that the first few times it was VERY scary. He didnt flinch for shots, either. He made it so easy on his mommy!
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