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kitties in new york

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i seen this on another site. how sad. anyone live in new york?

THIS IS A CROSSPOST - contact - bluemadie@go.com
pls help! cats to be pts today!!NYC

pls contact bluemadie@go.com

Animalkind Inc. saved 25 cats last sunday from being euthanized.
The story: A mentally challenged woman in Schoharie County could not
the intake of cats and over a 100 cats bred in her house. The cats have
indoor cats. When the woman was hospitalized, the health department
the removal of all cats. An organization from the Schoharie area (
spay/neuter clinic) is getting paid to euthanize all cats on Monday,
Animalkind was allowed to take 37 kittens within the last month's.
25 more adult cats have been taken, with more cats left behind-today all

those cats will be killed.
All the kittens tested negative for Fel.Leuk/FIV. All kittens/cats are
healthy and most are friendly ( and beautiful/ long haired)
Now we would need some help. We are aware of the situation :
rescue groups and shelters-all are overwhelmend full, there are more
than homes etc...

Still, we need to give it a try:
Anyone outhere who can take kitten(s)/Cat(s) or adopt?
Please reply to: bluemadie@go.com

Be Kind to Animals,
Katrin Hecker

Visit our website at:

Animal Kind
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I hope they are able to find homes for them in time, but unfortunately, they most likely will pay the ultimate price for unresponsible people I don't understand why people who are uncapable of keeping animals still own them. I have nothing against people who are mentally challenged, etc. but if you are unable to care for yourself, you sure shouldn't be keeping an animal(s).
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If you know someone in NY, perhaps you could e-mail this page to them. This is tragic. I wonder if alleycat allies have been contacted.
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Aren't there NO-Kill shelters in NY?
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If I lived closer to NY, I'd be over there in a heartbeat. Unfortunetly, I'm stuck here in Ontario and mum doesn't want another cat.
I hope all those furbabes find homes . I'm praying for them.
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