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Uveitis, Gingivitis.. what's happening to my cats? Please help.

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I am going on very little sleep and am about to leave for work so please bare with me here. I will post more details, if needed, when I get home tonight.

I have a four cat household which includes:
-a 2.5 year old male, former feral... healthy aside from occasional watery eyes. Adopted from a feral cat rescue.
-a 3.5 year old female, former feral(found in the country)... history of a rare condition(patent urachus, which was corrected through surgery), coccidia and I believe upper respitory/some kind of worms when I first got her, small size, dry hair, irritable bowel syndrome, occasional runny eyes/hard mucous that needs to be removed from her nose, overweight(overeats)... but otherwise a happy, active little girl. Recently I brought her to the vet after I became paranoid due to one of my other cat's illnesses and he found that she has severe gingivitis, missing teeth, and at least one tooth that needs to be pulled. I feel horrible for not noticing this. She's scheduled for a cleaning tomorrow and I am fearful that damage was done to her kidneys, heart, and/or liver. She tested negative for FIV/Feline Leukemia. The doctor didn't feel the need to test for FIP, though, which is what I originally brought her in for.
-an 8 year old male, former feral...has always had mild seasonal allergies mostly in early fall. Otherwise healthy and active. About 2.5 years ago, however, he had something happen to him that almost completely resembled a vascular stroke. After a lot of tests and the aid of an excellent, caring neurologist we still don't know exactly what happened to him but it left him temporarely paralyzed in his right limbs. He has since recovered and learned how to walk with some weakness and difficulty. Still, it was an amazing recovery.
-an estimated 8 or 9 year old male, former indoor/outdoor cat(was declawed, neutered, etc when I found him). Aside from "fat deposits" and being a slightly overweight cat he has been healthy until recently when I rushed him to the emergency room with severe uveitis. He was tested for FIV, Feline Leukemia, FIP, etc. Nothing came back positive except for a low titer for being exposed to some sort of coronavirus.. which his opthamologist is not concerned about and does not believe was the cause of his infection. He is currently on medication to treat the inflammation which resulted in glaucoma.

So far none of the vets that I have brought my "9 or 8 year old" or my 3.5 year old to have been able to determine the cause of their conditions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am at a loss. I'm maxing out the few credit cards I have and am fearful that I will run out of money/credit trying to figure all of this out, to no avail. I am willing to spend everything I have but I don't want these things to remain a mystery, even after all the tests I'm willing to have performed. It's very frustrating. I just want them to all be happy and healthy. Please help.

- A Very Concerned, Scared, and Saddened Mother
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I forgot to mention...

They were on Wellness wet/dry exclusively for about 1.5 years until about a week ago when my female cat's vet put her on a Limited ingredient diet of rabbit and pea protein.

They drink distilled and spring water and occasionally well water.

We have lived in a house previously that contained mold.

Our current house receives almost no sunlight, considered a cod liver supplement to make up for the lack of Vitamin D.

I'd be happy to provide any other details..
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Well, my cats have had some dental problem in the past. Have you tried the blue oral jel on them? I buy it from my vet. You put a little bit on your finger and rub it on their side teeth. If they won't let you do that, try rubbing it on the side of their mouth or put a bit on their paw so they can lick it off. Over time they'll get used to it. I'm presuming that the cats are not totally feral and let you handle them?

There are also many teeth cleaning products you can buy online that are made for cats. Drs Foster and Smith sell some good teeth products.

Cats do need their teeth cleaned or they will run into the dental problems you are seeing with the female. Did you look at your other cats' teeth? Are the upper part of the back teeth brownish or yellow? Do you see red lines along the gumline? Those things indicate problems. Grip the cat's head and try pushing the lip upward (on the side of the mouth where the back teeth are).

The Prescription Diet Hill's t/d can clean a cat's teeth very well. I know that from personal experience. You buy it from the vet. Cattie-Brie's teeth were snowy white from eating the t/d. But I'm convinced now if you feed dry food for too many years you will run into more expensive health problems. Stuff like kidney failure, liver problems, food allergies, etc....

If the cats have no other problems that require special food, you could put them on t/d for awhile to help clean the teeth. And then get them used to the oral jel. Then perhaps take them off the t/d and just use the jel to keep the teeth clean....

The blue oral jel needs to be kept in the refrigerator.
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