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My Sweet Sassy

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I know it has been a while but about a month ago I was given two very very young kittens just a few days old and one died that same day and the other I kept alive for 4 days and three nights before she passed away. I just wanted to post on this thread because I am still missing her and I wanted to let everyone know how much of an inspiration she was for me. I now am preparing my home and my cats to become a foster family for other pregnant cats, cats with litters, and orphaned kittens in need. Thank you Sassafrass.

I gave her a warm loving home for her short life and as I held her while she was taking her final breaths I promised her that I would take care of other kitties and when I found one that reminded me of her I would name her Sassafass and keep her to honor this baby's memory.

She Truly was a Beautiful Girl

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Oh my goodness look how tiny she is bless her!

Little Sassafrass, as you cross over the bridge, there are lots of cats from TCS there who are waiting for you to play mother to you Play happily with all the other kittens there, and know that you were loved so much

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I am so sorry for your sad losses, and am awed by your determination to honour little Sassy this way.

Rest in peace and play, forever healthy, at Rainbow Bridge, Sassafrass.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Two years ago, I took in a stray kitten who just did not look right. I took "Simba" to the vet. The vet determined that Simba was only 2 months old. I did everything I could for my lil' Simba but she was not growing or gaining wieght. After a blood test, I found out that Simba had severe hypothyroidism. We started her on meds but it was too late She was just too sick and like you I held my girl in her final moments. I could not stop crying. I just held her hoping she would open her eyes if I held her. It hurt so much and at times it still does. Every lil one we take in means so much to us no matter how long we have them in our lives. Times does help.....Good Luck and remember you gave her a good life and love.
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sorry to hear about your losses. Each little friend we take care of gets the most attn each deserves. You did what you could, gave it a home, allowed the kitten to feel true love. And they will be waiting for you when you arrive later in time.
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Precious Fur angel.
Your time with us was brief but not without meaning.
From your heavenly pearch purr with pride knowing that your existance had meaning.

Good luck with your efforts on a home for these little ones.
What a great tribute to the little one who decided to leave us early.

God bless
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How wonderful that you gave these two little cats so much love. Wishing you the best in your undertaking to foster other cats. This little one looks so much like my Mattie, a stray who showed up on my doorstep in August. She is two to three years old and has found a forever home here with hubby, me, and the other two cats.
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Oh I am so sorry for the loss of your little ones, you did your best and your gave them your love

What a wonderful thing to do in honour of Sass
RIP little ones, look down on your mommy, she honours you and all your fur-friends over the bridge
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What a beautiful little girl. She had four days of love and warmth from you and I know she is looking down from the Rainbow Bridge thanking you and waiting until she sees you again. My condolances to you.

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