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Smeagol is off to his new home! :(

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Hi all!
A happy and sad day is upon us. Smeagol will be 6 weeks old on Wednesday and I'm sending him off to his new home. I had to stipulate that he would not be declawed without them giving me a chance to take him back, but other than that, I think his new home will be amazing!
I'm going to miss him so much though! (
I'm in love with my little boy so much and we have been through so much together. I know it's for the best though, and I can't have any more cats lol!
I will also get to see him if I want to. I have been promised pictures!
So farewell my wee baby boy. I love you!
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Goodbye lil Smeagol. Enjoy your new forever hope. I hope your new Meowmy joins these forums and we get to see more pics of you growing up.
It has been great seeing your progress and how well you are doing .
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I would keep him atleast 8 weeks myself, but since he isn't being taken away from mom and siblings, it is ok, I guess. ( I keep my kittens 12+ weeks before placing them)
Good luck little baby smeagol, be a good little terrorizer for your new family
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I would love to keep him longer, but I'm headed to Texas for two weeks on the 16th. I'd like him to have a longer time with my adult cats, who all get along with him, play with him, and bathe him, as well as teach him how to be a cat. Sadly, that's just not possible and I'd like him to get settled into his new home before I leave, in case there are problems and I have to make other arrangements.
He's gotten to the stage where he's really exploring his surroundings, so I think it would be a good bonding time for he and his new meowmy.
I'm gonna miss him lots though!!!!
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That is a good idea, you will have time to make other arrangements if the other home doesn't work.
I allowed 1 kitten to go to her home @ 8 weeks (and it worried me terrible) But, she was going on vacation, and wanted to have the new kitten adjust to her other one, even though they were half siblings, they didn't really know each other, when she bought the first one, she wasn't very old, so we decided it would be best to allow her to go early and get used to each other before she went on vacation. It always depends on the individual circumstance.
Good luck to you, and of course to you little smeagol!
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I miss my little Smeagol but I know he's in a good home! How do you ladies with full litters deal with the loss?
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