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There's SALMON swimming on my STREET~!

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...we're having huge floods here! Really, really bad. Here are some of the photos. It's been raining for days, 10" to the south of us, and 6" in Seattle.
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How terrible!, you make sure you stay safe!
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HOLY, that is careful..
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Oh that's awful! Are you and your crew safe!?! We'll be praying for you all!
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Good night! That's crazy!! Stay safe sweetie! / humm, sounds like your SS needs to send you a canoe for Christmas!
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Oh Lord. Honey you and the cats stay safe and dry.

(Where's my fishing pole, darn it)
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Geez, stay dry. Hope you all are safe.
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Too bad you couldnt put some fish back in the water as long as your not in danger.
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OH WOW!!!! We have flooding too, but no salmon.
post #10 of 27 careful...2 young college girls died here a few months ago because of high water.
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I feel for you! I can look back an laugh now but at the time it was scary! I went through the worst flood of my life (about 8 feet outside my house and about 5 ft inside!) in the late '90s. The funny part was, we had a fish pond filled with Koi and a swimming the end of the flooding, we had lost the Koi and it was replaced with Terrapins and Guppies and we had Catfish in the pool!!!!
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Oh E, hopefully the waters have started to receed by now......
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I heard on Public Radio that from 18" or 2 ft have been received in some areas.
Are you staying dry???
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I hope all of you are staying safe and dry. I mentioned this to my husband and he isn't happy because this is the storm heading our way. And it will hit just as he is going hunting up in the mountains.
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OH MY! Stay safe!
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It's flooding here too, they closed part of 410, and mentioned shelter areas..never heard that for this town before. I'm staying home - we are up a big hill from the flooding.

Those are some photos!
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Holy Moly! stay on high ground!!
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It's Tuesday afternoon - and we've now had 40+ straights hours of rain, and it's not letting up. Here is the latest, see any salmon? No, it's awful. A hunter died - he was swept away! Yes, my house is up in the hills but it took 2.5 hrs to get into work today, like an obstacle course! I did not take this photo.

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That's terrible. Please be careful.
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Oh my gosh!! Thats awful. Please stay safe sweetie.
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WOW, E! That's a lotta watta! They've had it pretty bad up the Valley, too -- I gather they had half of the normal rainfall for November (wettest month of the year) in the space of 4 days. Ungood. Mother Nature is not pleased with us.

Stay safe.
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Been thinking of you both and hoping you and the animals are safe. It's bad here too, we have croppie in our pasture. Our roof is leaking too, not a fun time.

Stay safe and keep to the high grounds-
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Oh no MA...
A croppie in your pasture?
Please, all of our Northwest friends .... take care.
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Oh you poor things. My thoughts are with you, stay safe and I hope it dries up soon.
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All I can say is "what a CATastrophie"! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.
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Eddie, I'm praying for you. Stay safe!
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Originally Posted by Lndscpsam View Post
All I can say is "what a CATastrophie"! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.
oh goodness that's cute. Good to see you here, Sam!!!!

Here are the updated photos:

This is from just north of me in the Fall City area. It's so sad, so many cows lost, I'm told.

It took 2 hrs to get to work again. I'd go down my street and see things blocked off, then turn on another street and see it blocked off, then further on down by the river the National Guard. I felt like a wet rat in a maze.

It's really, really bad here. We did see sunshine today for just a bit but tomorrow we're back to the same for the next 5 days.
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