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Congratulations with your little daughter , Debbie !!!!
Isn't this just a miracle ???
Amber is such a dear little one , I wish I could hold her and say :"welcome into this world , sweet baby !!" :pinky:

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You both look absolutely radiant in your pics!
I'm glad everything went well and that you both are healthy and safe!
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Welcome Amber!

Thank-you for those wonderful pictures of the two of you.
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First of all......Wow! What an adorable baby!!! Amber has the face of an angel.

Debby, we always feel we look far worse than the reality. You look wonderful! Just like a radiant new mom!!!!!

Give Brent a "job well done" pat on the back from me! I am so happy he came through for you in the end.

Like everyone else has said ---- rest while you can. Whenever Amber sleeps, grab a nap also. Dishes and housework become secondary at a time like this.

(((())))BIG Hugs

P.S. Nice to hear from you.
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Welcome back, welcome home - CONGRATULATIONS! You two look beautiful! I don't have kids, but all my mom friends say the same thing - take a nap whenever your baby does! Sleep, as I understand it, is going to be a very precious commodity for at least the next few months, if not years!

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Amber is so beautiful! Welcome back, and glad you're home.
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Debby, I could just copy and paste what everyone else has said....Amber is a little doll, and you, my dear, look fantastic! I wish I looked half that good after giving birth! My very best of good wishes to you, Brent, and Amber. I know you are just going to love being a mommy....no sleep and all!
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Amber is just beautiful. I want to hold her!! But, Mom is beautiful too. Remember the swelling will go down and things will go back to where they belong.

Rest when you can, move around when you have to, cuddle with Amber, and remember this is a major change in your life, so be gentle with yourself.
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*sigh* I keep coming back to this thread just to look at the beautiful pictures.....she's breathtaking!
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Oh Debby! She Looks like an Angel!

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Simply Beautiful!!!!

Take care of yourself Debby!
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Thank you!!! I think she is an adorable baby, too!!! She seems more adorable to me when it isn't 3am and she's crying!!

It has been really hard to sleep, I get a couple hours here, a couple hours there...but I am adjusting. Brooke (my step-daughter) is here now doing the dishes and Amber is sleeping, but I wanted to hop online for a bit...though I should be sleeping.

I'm glad you all liked the pictures! That is thanks to my wonderful friend Shannon, who used her digital camera and sent them to me.
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Debbie, It's so good to see you online, even though you're right; you should be sleeping. Amber will eventually schedule herself. Of course the first few months with a new baby are spent adjusting to all the changes and all the washing! We're overwhelmed with joy for you!
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How are you feeling today?
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Thanks for asking, Tigger...I feel pretty good...a little less tired.
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Debby, get as much rest as possible and EAT THOSE KITKATS.
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You did a fantastic job. Told you she would be a little rainbow. I think all babys are beautiful but Amber is a beautiful, beautiful baby. I'm so glad your hubby had his "attitude adjustment" and came through for you. He can now feel really good about himself too. He must be very proud of you and Amber. Actually you look beautiful in the picture. Don't worry about anything. All will get back to normal in due time. Everyone has given you excellent advice. Just take things at a slow pace and give Amber lots of kisses.
Blessed be Debby & Amber.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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I wanna say this again : congrats with your sweet little baby Amber !!! I wish I could hold her and put a gentle kiss on her little cheeks !!

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She is beautiful! You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous little girl. She is also lucky to have you as a parent.
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