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Amber & I are finally home!!!!!!

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I hope I can complete this thread before she wakes up again! She wants to eat all the time!!! *sigh*

Well, when I was online Wed. night and said I had been having some pains...it really was labor pains!!! They got worse overnight, and I called the Dr. but was told wait till they are 5 minutes apart. So by 11:00 am Thursday morning, I could not stand it anymore...called the hosptial, they said come in and we will check you out.

Went in, and was told it was probably false labor, since the pains were not in any sequence, sometimes 5 minutes apart, sometimes 10 or 15. But when he checked me....I was dialated to 3 cm. So over to the delivery room I went.

After several hours, it was clear that I was not dialating any more..so they gave me some drug in my I.V. to induce labor...it starts with a P, but can't rememeber the name. That's when the really really bad labor pains hit. I have never been through pain that bad in my life....I just laid there and cried, while the nurse kept telling me to relax and breathe deeply through them....easier said than done.

Finally after several more hours, I reached 4 cm, and they gave me an epidural...unfortunatley, that didn't go well either...the Dr. said my spine was bent in an abnormal way....not sure why....so instead of poking me once with the needle, he had to try about 6 times up and down my spine, to get it in the right spot. This hurt like you-know-what. I remember saying I wished I was dead.

Then the pain stopped. After I'm not sure how long, but probably an hour or two, I had only dialated to 5 cm. So they decided I would have to have a c-section, and wheeled me in. Then pretty soon (1:06 am, Friday morning) it was over. Amber was born. She was 8 pounds, and 1 ounce.

So it was about 31 hours altogether, including the time I was at home in labor.

Brent was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I feel so bad about posting here earlier in the week last week, about how we had had a fight, and he was being a jerk, and didn't care about my feelings, etc. ect...because he MORE than made up for it!!!!!!!

He was in the delivery room the whole time, and even went in with me for the c-section. He even cut the cord, as Mary Anne told you!

Daniela, you were right! I fell in love with him all over again!!!

He stayed by my side all during the hospital stay, except for saturday night, because he had some things to take care of here at home, and spent that one night here. But then he was back early Sunday morning, and stayed till the released me, at 1pm this afternoon (Monday).

If I needed anything..he was there! He adjusted my pillows, got me something to drink, brought the baby over to me for feedings, ect...I couldn't believe how wonderful he was!!!!!!! I will never forget it!!!

They told me I could go home on Sunday, but then changed their mind when I had a bad episode Sunday morning...my blood pressure skyrocketed. The top number was 191, but I don't remember the bottom one. Also I was feeling sick to my stomach, and very light headed. My feet, legs and face had swollen way up!!!!!!
The Dr. was afraid I had toxemia, or would soon get it if the blood pressure didn't go down. He was worried that I could have a stroke.

Thye put me on blood pressure medicine, and by the next day (this morning) my pressure was back to normal, and the swelling had gone down some. So they released me this afternoon, but I have to keep taking the medicine, and have my blood pressure checked, and I can't do much, not even the dishes.

I feel pretty good tonight. Amber takes so much of my time I don't know how often I will be online for awhile, but I would like to be online awhile tomorrow to go through some of the threads here I have missed and catch up on what has been going on with all of you!!! I will do that if I get a chance!!! I don't have time tonight, as I am exhausted, but wanted to post this before bed.

I am going to attempt to post a few pics that my friend Shannon took in the hosptial with her digital camera and e-mailed to me. I don't know how to post more than one per post, so I will post one in this post, and the other two in the next two posts....

The first two are of Amber, and the last is a horrible picture of me with Amber, but it is so cute of Amber that I am going to post it anyway....keep in mind, I was very swollen up and had just been through an awful lot, so I look horrible!!! I have alot of weight to lose, too, when my incision heals up and I can exersize again. But I am determined to get back to my old self again!!
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The pictures didn't work... Let me try again.....
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Picture #1 :
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Look at that sweet baby girl!!!! Welcome to the world Amber!
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Hi Debby!
Congrats to you and your hubby! Amber is so precious looking!:pinky:
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Picture #2
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The horrid swollen picture of me...(but it is my favorite of Amber)

Hard to believe I looked like the picture on the left before I got pregnant....
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Thanks Hissy and Tigger!!!
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Have to go, Amber just woke up!
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You dont look bad at all, and I mean it as a compliment, too ....... You should have no problem loosing your weight!
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Awwww.... Amber is so adorable! And Debby, you do not look bad at all! And never mind that now, you've just had a baby! Congrats, she's a sweetheart! I don't even know you but when I read what you wrote here, I got tears in my eyes. I was and still am, so happy for you all. Take care Debby, of yourself and your little Angel Amber!
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Debby - your little Amber is beautiful. You and Brent are so lucky to have such a gorgeous little daughter - I'm also so happy to hear hubby came through for you and that everything has settled down just fine.

You look radiant - don't worry about being a bit puffy - just look at the little miracle you are holding.
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Debby, I think you look wonderful, and Amber is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, she has the face of a little !!!!!!!!!
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Oh Debby!! She's GORGEOUS!!!!! You did a TREMENDOUS job too!!! I wouldn't fancy going through all that!! You are amazing!!!! You're going to be a WONDERFUL Mummy!! I have sent you a little something, but who knows when it will get to you!! Amber will probably be about 13 by the time you get it!! :LOL:
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The 2 of you look so wonderful!
Amber is such a little sweetie.
Debby, you are also a beautiful woman. Your husband is a lucky man to have you and such a darling daughter.

This made my glooomy morning much brighter today!

You rest when you can - that was the BEST advice my mom gave me several years ago - her exact words were - 'when the baby sleeps, you sleep too'!

God bless you all!
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Debby, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! What a perfect little angel you had! And you look fine in that pic, don't forget you had just given birth! Nobody expects you to be looking like a supermodel the day after delivery!! I know I sure as heck didn't!!

I am so glad they got your bp under control and you are home now. And how wonderful that Brent pulled thru for you! I told you that would happen, men are mysterious creatures but they are there for you when you need them most!! I am so happy for you.

I had a spinal w/ my second delivery, and the same thing happened to me with them not being able to get it in the first try. They stuck me 7 or 8 times, and it was the most horrific pain I had ever felt in my life. I know how you feel, sometimes the drugs are worse than the labor!!

Glad to have you back.
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I'm so happy for you!!! Amber is so beautiful and sweet looking! She reminds me of what Ron looked like in the first day - I think C-section babies look so relaxed and beutifull because they didn't have to go through the stress of vaginal birth (not having been sqeezed out so to speak )

Do as Deb Myers told you! Rest all you can - when Amber is asleep you should try and get some sleep as well. With the frequent feedings of the first months you'll need it!

I hope the baby book helps - it was invaluable to us. That Dr. Sears described in detail just about eveything Ron was doing and every little thing he went though. I'm glad the breastfeeding is going well - it's not easy after a c-section! I hope you're not in too much pain right now. You should avoid any strains - no dish washing or any house work for you for at least 5-6 weeks!!! You should however try and walk around the house for a few minutes every now and then. I didn't leave the house or walked for any longer until 3-4 weeks from the delivery.

If there's anything you want to ask me - I'm here for you!!! Email or PM me with any question - or if you just want to talk or share stuff!

Hug Amber for me! Love yah!
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Debby - Congratulations! Baby Amber is just beautiful! I'm glad you're finally home and feeling better. Having a baby is hard work! You did great, and you'll be feeling like yourself in no time. I gained 80 pounds with my first baby (mostly fluid, I looked like a water balloon) and 75 pounds was gone within 2 weeks. You'll do great!!!

Get lots of rest - nap when Amber does. Don't try to be wonder woman!!

It's nice to have you back online!
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I have to chime in here and say the ladies are so right Debby. Rest whenever you can get the chance. The first few months are so hard, so save as much energy as you can.

As a Csection mom twice, let me give you a bit of good advice. The more you move around, the quicker and easier recovery is. When I had David, I had the mentality that I was going to take it easy...too easy. I didn't do a lot of walking or anything else, and let me tell you, it was WEEKS before I was painfree. When I had Davina, I tried a different approach. I walked every day, and did some very light things ( folding laundry, putting away dishes) and the movement made such a difference. I actually was pain free in less than 2 weeks. Don't go overboard, but it doesn't hurt to move. Your incision is closed in about 5 days and after that if you feel like doing something, do it. Its so painful that its easy to tend to just lay around cause it hurts, well this is a situation where a little pain does result in a big gain. I cried the first few days after Davina was born, I couldn't even stand upright.....but the nurses made me do it and I was so greatful in the end!!
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Your pillow will now be your best friend for awhile anyway! When you walk clutch it as tight as you can against the incision and move slowly but do move. Laying in bed will just make it harder on your body to rebound from the surgery. No heavy lifting at all, and no bending for at least a few more days. It is going to hurt to move, but the more you move the less it will hurt.
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Welcome home Debby and Amber!!!!! She is beautiful!!!

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Debby! I'm so grateful you're doing better now. Baby Amber is absolutely beautiful ! Don't worry about the puffiness. That will go away. I'm sorry you had a hard time. Everyone is different. However, look at that little angel! Oh, she's so special. How wonderful that Brent treated you like a princess! You deserve it. Don't you feel close to God now? You and God just cooperated in a miracle! Hard work, but worth it.
Now it's time to get some rest. Ask the doctor for guidelines and follow the suggested regime, but be sure to take lots of naps! This is GREAT !!
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What an absolutely beautiful baby and what a great hubby! I am so very excited for you!
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Congratulations, Debby. You look fine and Amber is cute. Get as much rest as possible. The next 18 years are going to be a roller coaster ride.

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Debby, both you and Amber look just beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done! I don't have any advice since I am child-free, but I know a beautiful baby when I see one. Amber is one of the prettiest newborns I have ever seen.
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What wonderful pictures... and you look great! Amber is a love. Congratulations again!
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Oh, Debby, Amber is just absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing the pictures, I know most of us were on the edges of our seats just waiting to get a glimpse of her!

Be sure to take care of you, too! I didn't have a C-section when I had my daughter, but I have had 3 abdominal surgeries. Everyone is SO right in saying you do need to move around. It even makes you feel better if you do.

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Congratulations Debby! Amber looks so beautiful and so precious. Make sure you rest up and take this advice that everyone is giving you.
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Debby, Amber is so beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
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Good Job Mommy!

You have a beautiful daughter!
(thanks for sharing)

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