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Some Questions and Opinions Please

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What kind of breathing problems do cats have and why??? My girl has what sounds like conjested breathing and this is what she has had since I have met her and she was given to me - she is an older cat and I have taken her to the vet and he figured it was cuz of her absess tooth that crumbled when he touched it. I took her to get another tooth removed and I was charged for more than that!!! Anyway...I will be calling the Vet again and asking him to remove the rest of the teeth that he did not remove in the first place at NO CHARGE!
I want answers as to her Breathing and what can be done about it. I thought I would post and ask some of your guys and gals opinions please.
Also can cats get Colds and what or how do you treat them for it??? Antibiotics? I have been squeezing odorless garlic out of the capsules that we Humans take - hoping this will help.
How can you tell if your cat has pnemonia?
I also take her many places with me - I love her so much and she is the world to me and maybe I am a bit obbssessive...She seems to not mind at all though.
I want to be the best Mom possible for her as she has not had alot of love and attention from where she came from because there were many cats there in the home. I found out she was a born Ferral in the back yard and the Mom left them there and eventually they got taken in to the house. That is where she grew up and when I met her - she was a WILD ONE and viscious and scared. I have tamed her and we are very close now.
One thing I feel bad about is that I live in an apartment and she does not go outside here...I have been able to take her back to where she was born and raised and I let her out there. That house is up for sale and is EMPTY. What will happen when it sells??? I want her to be healthy and happy.

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YOu need to get this cat to a vet ASAP ... URI or upper respitory infections can be deadly if not treated...

Garlic is TOXIC to CATS so PLEASE dont GIVE anymore Garlic....
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OMG!!! Okay I will be getting her to the Vet and I have already decised that I am taking her to another Vet for a sencond opinion. I did not like this Vet not giving me answers and being Over charged. I am going to take her to that same vet and tell him he can fix the rest of her mouth though and finish the job that I paid for!!!

What is URI anyway exactly? THANKS SO MUCH!
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And what does Garlic do to cats also???
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Honey, URI is Upper Respiratory Infection.

I don't know what Garlic does to a cat, I only know that it is listed under things that are "Toxic to Cats".
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Garlic is in the same family as onions, and both can cause hemolytic anemia:
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Can someone explain what URI does exactly and same thing with hemolytic anemia is and does???

I have been searching for food that one can make at home for their cat - anyone have any suggestions or recipes? Quick and easy kinda stuff. I was thinking something with rice??? But what and how?
I have alot to learn.

I have other things to ask but not sure how to yet...things to learn and understand. Man o man where have I been and where have I come from??? I dunno.

Thanks you to all of you
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Never mind - I just clicked on the links so I am going back to read and LEARN!
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A homeade diet can be easy and quick but I HIGHLY advise lots of researcha nd then a sit down with a vet you trust to discuss your findings...
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I have found the above Links VERY HELPFUL - thanks VERY VERY much!!!Are there anymore links that anyone has in regards to cats, their behaviors and health Or Anything else Please? Very much appreciated!!!
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Some of my favorite sites: (though they now require registration)
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I had 2 Oriental Lilac cats (mother and daughter) that this happened to. When I took them to the vet, it turned out they both had tumours on their lungs which turned out to be cancer.
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My cat has asthma and allergies. I have her on a special diet and if the breathing problems (wheezing, loud breathing) persist, she may need medication. I do think she will be all right.

DO NOT make a homemade diet for your cat. Commercial cat food has all the nutrients the cat needs. Homemade people food does not!

PLEASE do get a good book on cat care (The Cat Owner's Manual, Think Like a Cat, or any other good cat book) if you are taking care of one! This forum can help, but a book will be right there without logging on.

And do get your kitty to a new vet!

Good luck!
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Congested breathing can be lots of things - a cold, other kinds of infection, allergies, asthma, even a punctured diaphragm (my Persil had that and had to have an op). But it is probably something simple, only a vet should be able to tell, and sometimes not immediately. I had to go to three vets over three weeks before Persil was diagnosed, and I nearly lost her as a result. I agree about the cat food - use good wet canned food, especially if she has teeth problems - she will find it easier. And do not worry about taking her back to where she was found - she will quickly forget it, and you might lose her here and not get her back. Good luck with this kitty - you are trying to do all the right things and this site and some books will help you.
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Do you think cats get depressed or suffer from emotional turmoil? Well actually the owner's thast gave her to me said that her best friend died, who was a cat, and she was depressed for a couple months and just starting to come out of it when I came in to the picture. When we had been together for those 3 months and I left she was depressed again, So was I, I was pathetic with out her and cried every day from the pit of my gut until we were re united!!!Do you think she would Miss her yard and be affected by not being around there?

I made a Vet appointment for tomorrow at 1:45pm - the same vet for a start - so I can confront about being over charged for the teeth that were not pulled and if there is any other problems with her teeth he can Pull those for a start!
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