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Hi all...

Question for you pros... I have had my baby for a year now (how time flies!) and she had her shots from the Humane Society then... but now I think is due for more? She is an indoor cat, no other cats around... and I heard that having their shots every year for a cat that has no contact with other cats, may be just a waste of money and/or a health hazard. Any opinions on this?

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I'm going to let a few of the mods and other people who have been here longer get in some posts before I tell you my opinion as I am not a professional and only just recently had some difficulties with shots! But I want you to be able to hear everyone's side and get an informed and educated answer before I give you my opinion!

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I give my babies a 4-1 shot every year. This year it was early because I got Tammy-Timmy. Just because there appear to be no other cats around, doesn't mean your baby can't catch something.

I know vets are expensive and rightfully so, so I get my vaccines online from UPCO and give the shots myself.
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My vet had I decided Zoey needed to get her baby shots( former feral I adopted from a shelter)...and then she got her booster.. She had a bad reaction thus wont get anymore shots as they arent required in my area... My Kandie got her s every year till she was 16 but my current vet advises against vaccinations for over ten yr olds so Kandie and my dog wont get anymore
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