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This has nothing to do with cats, but I have a female pitbull that I recued last night. The good news is I found a pitbull rescue that will take her!! Tomarrow I'll find out all the details. Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!
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Barb - I think that is wonderful news for that little pup!
Let us know what happens....
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I tip my hat to you for helping an animal in need.

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Good news!! Haley will be going to a Pitbull Rescue in a couple of days!! It's out of state and they will send someone to pick her up!!
I am so happy for her! She deserves a good and loving home.
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Yeah! I'm always happy to hear when a pit bull gets a good shot at a happy life. Such great dogs, generally, who have gotten some bad breaks with the type of people who like to own them.

Great job Barb! You truly are a guardian angel to the furries.
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